How are digital assistants in the form of artificial intelligence addressing core marketing issues?

Nowadays, most of the hackers and cyber attackers are increasingly laying stress on automation technology to attack several company websites that contain sensitive data on their internal matters. However, many organizations still prefer the use of standard techniques to counter the threat of cyber security issues. Hence, the need of the hour is penetration testing. It is a way to gauge the amount of damage that is inflicted on a company's website. In other words, it is an advantageous manner through which the risk mitigation strategies can be developed. According to many leading cyber security experts, more than 80% of the attacks quickly exploit the vulnerabilities that are available on the e-commerce company's website.

The usefulness of having cyber security in e-commerce companies

The problem of cyber security threat lies in a dire state as there are inadequate numbers of security professionals who can take care of the security needs of the servers. Another challenge is in the form of big data sets that block the way of providing proper cyber security measures to the company. This is where the importance of automation technology comes to the fore. On the flip side, it is observed that cyber adversaries possess several advanced automation techniques and leveraged machines to prevent hacking attempts and cyber security attacks on their servers. Now a question arises that why other organizations do not follow the same policy to avoid the attack on their privacy.

The influence of artificial intelligence on the organization

Using automation information is not a big deal for the present companies keeping in mind their immediate profit and popularity. However, the need of the hour is to start hiring skilled technicians who can operate artificial intelligence. Analyzing the feeds obtained from artificial intelligence machines is an uphill task that only experienced technicians can handle. Moreover, several artificial intelligence machines have specific more functions that are not easy to operate and cannot be analyzed by regular employees of the organization. Human Interactive machine learning also plays a significant role in mitigating the risk that arises from the improper use of online websites. In recent times, there has been increasing collaboration between company leaders and security professionals, and they have been offering Web Design Malaysia.

The cooperation and teamwork have led to an increase in the ideas related to risk mitigation strategies. Moreover, it has directed to an increased evaluation procedure in computer intelligence laboratories to know the reason behind specific hacking attacks. Interactive machine learning techniques focus on correlating the external data available from company servers to that of the real-life experience of cyber-attacks that are mainly caused due to negligent surfing skills. Throughout a particular time, the machine adopts the process of giving feedback to employees.