How is Mehendi an essential part of any celebration?

Who does not appreciate some gorgeous piece of art? An art that was not born yesterday but tells tales that dates back to century. Mehndi is an emotion for ladies and a piece of art to raise their charm. This traditional art is mostly witnessed in the Asian part of the globe and is also popular in the other part of the diverse world.

The henna or Mehndi was used mainly to nourish hair and beautifying nails. The nutritious elements in it help grow nail and hair stronger and shinier. The ancient process of decoration included mehndi as one of the vital components of decoration.

Types of mehndi pattern

Below are the mentioned styles that one can take guidance of while choosing their design:

  • Mughal designs- Neat, detailed and distinctive are the definition of this kind of style. It is one of the oldest and traditional forms of fashion
  • The middle-eastern pattern- it depicts Arabic painting and is therefore mostly of floral design.
  • The Indian designs-this style depicts diversity and is one of the most popular methods. It has a range of complex and simple models.
  • The Pakistani designs- It is a combination of complex Indian and Arabic designs. It is appropriate for the ones looking for simple yet detailed designs.
  • The Bangle style- As the name suggests, this design style has bangles form of designs mostly in circles which uplifts the beauty factor of hands and legs.
  • The Indo Arabic mehndi designs- this design have outlines that include detailed design of Arabic style which involves various pattern and shape. It is the combination of elegance, tradition, and simplicity.
  • The Moroccan style- this style has a significant chunk of geometry patterns influencing the design.
  • Rajasthan based Mehndi designs- This is a kind of plan that has complex curves and curls inserted in between peacock patterns and floral patterns and another kind of model and does not leave much gaping in between.
  • The glitter design-influenced by Indian and Arabic designs it has outlines and intriguing details which are highlighted with glitter. It also includes colourful stones on the outline.
  • The middle-eastern pattern- it depicts Arabic painting and is therefore mostly of floral design.

The understanding and knowledge about these styles can be beneficial when a person will choose various eid mehndi designs.Before Eid or any other festival, it is essential to take care of health and mind. Therefore choose mehndi cones from a popular brand that is safe to use. A good brand will add more colour to the Mehndi. Thus more colour and sparkle to the festive night.