How To Check Jio Fancy Number Online

Advancement of the technology, nothing is impossible in today’s world. In the telecommunication industry, the company provided the assigned number. But the development of the telecommunication industry, people now can change their public number to the private number. There are some procedures which you need to follow is to change your public number to the private number. You can choose the private number. The private number is also called as the ‘VIP’ number. The fancy numbers come with a unique number of the sequence. However, mostly the businessmen or the company owners change their name to the private numbers.

The Procedures Of The Fancy Jio Number

Step One – Choose VIP Number

Choose the VIP number. You can find the VIP number through the search option. After that, the customer can register through the email id and mobile number. After the registration procedure, you will get the password through the SMS and email.

Step Two – Proceed For Checkout

After selecting the private number then you can check out the process. You need to go through the information about the VIP number delivery. Customers need to log in and enter with the password. Click the accept terms and the condition to proceed further.

Step Three - Online Payment

After checking out, the client should redirect the process through the payment. The customer can pay through the debit or credit card. Net banking is another option in which the clients can pay the telecom company. You will get the confirmation on e-mail Id and on your mobile number.

Step Four - Bidding For The Number

After payment for the unique payment number, the clients will get the opportunity to bid for the number. You can bid for the specific numbers starts from zero to nine. After the successful registration, they will get the unique number.

Step Five – Essential Documents

The documents which are required for the Jio fancy number are :

•Identity proof

•Aadhar Card

•PAN card

•Passport with validity

•Voter ID card with date of issue

•Ration card

•Electricity bill

•Photo ID card issue

Benefits Of Jio Fancy Phone Number

•Cost Effective: The best thing about the Jio fancy number is that the fees of registrations very affordable and you can get it at a very affordable price rate.

•Easy Registration Process:
The best thing about the procedures is very easy. Check the check jiofi battery status level by login jiofi.local.html to get the idea about the registering for the fancy number.

However, you will be astonished that common people do not use the VIP number that frequently. Therefore, you will find it mostly in the business and the other corporate companies. However, research before applying for the Jio fancy phone number.