Is the Turkey style of Baklava the best?

Dedeoglu is among the most excellent baklava outlets in Istanbul. Ladies dressed lavishly frequent this place just for having Baklava. Even if they come here every day dressed extravagantly, it would not be surprising. The reason is that well-made Baklava is worth an expensive dress. What you find here is the best version of this syrupy delight that is so popular in the Middle East. People in India are the most familiar the style that’s prevalent in Dubai. They consider the Turkish style as excessively syrupy, sweet, and creamy. Nearly every country where Baklava is found claims that they started this trend. However, the claims of Turkey hold more water than the most.

What Charles Perry has to say about Baklava?

Charles Perry is a connoisseur of old Arab cooking. He believes that the nomad Turks of the medieval times were obsessed about preparing layered bread. They didn’t have the ovens that the city people.So, they piled up layers of dough for having light fleecy bread or pastry.

He says that the Turks brought the food with them during their conquest of Constantinople and establishing of the Ottoman Empire. It is possible that Baklava was perfected in the regal kitchens. They were made more delicate and had fillings of walnuts, butter, and pistachios and drenched the piece in sugar syrup or honey.

How does Baklava feel when you have it?

What will those who have read how this sweet treat feel about its taste? The answer would be "sweet" as soon as they take it in their mouth.However, though strange, this sweet treat doesn’t feel sweet initially. Baklava’s charm lies in the initial crispness of pastry and the crunchiness of the nuts. Subsequently, you are going to feel the intense richness.

Getting the best Baklava of Turkey

The Turkish Airway offers a special package at times. People who do a stopover of a few days in Istanbul will get a cheaper deal. They have options other than the dry Baklava sold at the duty-free shops of the Ataturk International Airport. They can take a cab and go over to downtown Istanbul. Another option is ordering Turkish Baklava online.

A few words before we finish

In the Middle East, a different style of Baklava is prevalent. What is it? It’s the Syrian-Lebanese style. This style is crisper, has a drier texture, and is more cooked. It has a caramel flavor.Istanbul is possibly the place that started the sweet treat called Baklava. People are going to the best here.