Long Term Care Services For Aging People

What Is Long Term Care?

Long- term care means the assistance required by a person to meet a person's health or need for personal care for a short or long duration depending on the person's situation. These long term care services enable people to live an independent and safe life even when they can no longer carry their day to day activity. These services are provided by different caregivers at different places, depending on the needs and demands of the customer. In a traditional Indian family, the care is often provided by the family members only, but one can also opt for nursing homes or adult care services to look after the loved ones. The most preferable and convenient Long-term care is the daily care where the caregivers provide the daily services of the bathing, groom, mobilizing, dressing, using toilets, etc. The long term services are mostly used by people after a disease or a heart stroke after which the person becomes disable to carry out its day to day activity. It can also arise in a situation where the person is growing older and needs an assistant to live his life.

Who Will Need Long Term Care?

It is difficult to define who will need care and for howling. There are certain risk facts based on which an estimate of people needing long term assistance can be determined:

Age Risk:

Age is one of the common factors that determine the need for long term care because as the person gets older, their body turns week making them require assistance to carry on their day to day life.

Gender Risk:

As it is said that women live longer than men. Women are at higher risk to require an assistant. The person after a certain age becomes dependent and needs a caregiver or a family member to take care of them and assist them with their daily as well as medical work.

Lifestyle Risk:

Belonging to the 21st century, we often tend to eat unhealthily and junk food. This food does not give our body the required calcium and proteins. Thus lack of nourishing food and exercise makes the person weak and unhealthy and therefore needs caregivers after a certain age.

Martial Status Risk:

The single people are more likely to require a long-term care than a married person as married person might have a life partner to look after one another in case of need whereas the single person is all by his own and after a certain point it becomes difficult for him or her to live life independently.

Health And Family Risk:

This is one of the major reasons a person requires a care service. If the health of a person is disturbed, then they need nursing care to look after them, help them to use the medical equipment and give them medicines on time. Whereas in the case of a family where all the members in the family work. Then is such a family needs a reliable and caring person that would look after their loved ones.

The need for a health care assistant depends on various factors, and hence, the person should consider all the factors before making the final decision for their loved ones.