Most Subtle yet Important Applications of Machine Learning in Our Day to Day Life

Intelligence exhibited by machines has become a major topic of discussion and the rise in AI (Artificial Intelligence) is only a proof of it.AI is everywhere and its applications are wide-spread covering almost all the sectors and industries. Machine learning being one of the most trending topics in the technology sector, its possibilities seem endless. Every individual, in one way or the other, is using AI in their life on a day to day basis.

Here’s a list of applications of machine learning in our everyday life,

Personal assistants drove by AI:

In recent years, voice searches have been on the rising. With virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google now on our side, we are bound to make use of the amazing services and features AI provides. From shopping, restaurants, directions to setting reminders, the virtual assistant does everything for us. These are driven by Artificial Intelligence and all the results are an outcome of data fed to the software. Machine learning has made the user experience better by providing instant and accurate search results to the queries.


One of the major issues of concern for any business (or even an individual) is security. AI has made its mark in this sector, too. With advancement in technology and usage of AI-driven devices, security and surveillance have improved drastically. The machine learning plays a major role here as it not only replaces humans and performs the job impeccably but also avoids threats. By detecting unusual behavior around the area, it alerts the owner and helps avoid crimes.


Gone are the days when people relied on roadside vendors and pedestrians for directions. Today, with one touch, a route map to any corner of the globe can be fetched. All of this is possible with the machine learning ability of the devices. Expansive knowledge is fed to the devices and is later on retrieved by the users based on their requirements.

Social media:

When talking about advancements in the latest technologies, how can one forget social media? It is undoubtedly the most targeted area for almost every need of an individual today. Here, machine learning is displayed in the form of features like people you may know, suggestions, similar posts, similar products etc. Behavioral Artificial Intelligence is one of the major technologies in use today. It serves by studying behaviors and understanding the user’s needs based on their activity.


Remember the time you had to rummage through several internet pages before you could find that one toll-free customer care support number that actually responds? Those days are behind us and AI driven chatbots have come for our rescue. With these chatbots, one no longer has to wait for their turn to make a query. Automated responses fed to the chatbots solve pretty much all the queries a user can have.

Better search engine experience:

What’s bad news for the SEO masters is certainly a good knowledge to the users. After all, with changing trends and advancements in Google ranking methods, users are the ones most benefitted. By the release of various updates like hummingbird and panda, Google always strives to give its readers exactly what he/she wants. Machine learning enables the search engine to better understand what the user is looking for and hence, fetch the most relevant and informative result to display.

No more fake transactions:

One of the major pet peeves of a person who likes to buys things online is a failed transaction or even worse, a fraud transaction. With machine learning, we are now able to make the internet a safer place by being able to differentiate between a genuine and a fraud transaction. In short, by taking into account even minute details of the account holder like the location, contact information and security code, machine learning enables safer transactions by mitigating potential threats.

All in all, machine learning surrounds us and we can find its application in our everyday lives on a large scale. Considering the results and effects it has on the present day situation; may it be business or personal development, Artificial Intelligence doesn’t seem to be going away from the trending list anytime soon. In fact, several studies have shown that the future is AI and almost every new technology will involve its presence. Having a career in this field can surely be fulfilling and one of the best ways to get started with it is by taking up a certification course in the field. There are several options available online and trustworthy institutes providing training in various modes of study. One such training provider is Sprintzeal – offering 100+ courses Like Project Management, Machine Learning Certification, Big Data Certification, Six Sigma certification and more. It has trained thousands of employees and offers courses at affordable prices. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity and get started on your road to a successful career.