Selling Financial Products Here Are The Best Ways to Attract Customers

Selling financial products and services requires time and effort to identify the right clientele and to keep them interested. Effective and well-planned marketing strategies can help you target customers better and maintain good relations with them. Read on to learn about the best ways to attract customers.

About Financial Products and How to Sell Them

Financial products are economic services provided by the finance industry and these include:

•Commercial banking services (accounts, loans, mortgages, credit/debit card-related, cashier’s checks)

•Investment banking (capital markets services, mergers and acquisitions, brokerage services, private banking like wealth management and tax planning)

•Forex services (foreign exchange, wire transfer, currency exchange)

•Investment services (management, hedge fund management)



•Treasury bills

•Debt resolution

•Mutual funds, to name a few.

So, how do you draw customer attention and keep them engaged?

Identify Your Target Client

For every company selling products and services, the first step is to determine the target customer. Who can best benefit from what your business has to offer? Then, consider how you might be able to expand your clientele. Even if it is for one product versus a bunch of services. If someone can find your product useful, they are a potential customer. This means putting yourself in your customers’ shoes and exploring how your product is a solution to their situation.

Build A Relationship

When approaching clients or designing products and services, continue to keep your customer in mind. This will help customers relate to your product better. Additionally, when working with a prospect, get to know them and their business. Adopt active listening to understand their needs and requirements. Let your customers know that you understand and care about their situation, make it clear that you want to help with the best solutions. Invest in good customer relationship management (CRM) services to keep track of your customers through records and notes. This way, you are easily in the loop with what’s been happening with any particular customer.

Take Time To Explain

Adopt simple and easy-to-understand language. Customers are easily put off by overcomplicated and confusing terms and processes. Take a moment to help your customers understand what they are opting for and how it will benefit them. A customer who is clear about the product and process and its direct effect is more likely to be satisfied with the company.

Be Prepared With Plans And Next Steps

Customers prefer to arrive at solutions quickly and without much time wasted. Be proactive. Be prepared with the next steps, alternative plans, and flexible options to demonstrate your eagerness. This makes it clear to your customer that you are dedicated to their needs and to get the process moving.

Always Be Accessible To Your Customers

One of the best ways to attract customers is to have good customer service relations. Let your customers know that you are easy to get a hold of or locate. This will make them confident in your abilities, as you guide them through the processes. Customers need to know help is available if something goes wrong. Similarly, this will encourage them to rely on your services. Invest in a good phone system for your local clients as well as international clients. Most companies offering financial products have an international clientele. Having local or toll free numbers in various countries enables you to have a local presence. Customers often prefer calling a local or toll free number because they are not charged for these calls.

A good call forwarding company can help you with this by providing you with a virtual phone number. These numbers can be local or toll free numbers for many different locations. When clients call a virtual number, it is connected to an international call forwarding service, which is a cloud-based system. This call is then routed to a number chosen by the receiver (in this case, the business). This technology is known as international call forwarding, and it allows a business to be located anywhere across the world.

Stay In Your Customer’s Visual Path

Customers spend hours on their phones each day to complete many different tasks, from texting to paying bills. If it suits your business, you can go mobile with an app for your company and use social media consistently. This way, you will be on your customer’s radar through push notifications, posts about new services, promotions, etc. This is also a good way to pick up new clients and prospects as they will be enticed by what your company is offering.

Invest In Effective Marketing Tools

Make information regarding your services and products accessible to customers so that they can learn and understand what you are offering. Good web development and providing educational content is one way to do this. Additionally, consider loyalty programs and bonuses to give your customers more incentives and rewards, making them feel recognized.

Start Marketing Your Products

Take time to learn about your customer, their situation, their business, and their preferences. Consider technologies and media that can organize and promote your services. Lastly, call forwarding services like those provided by United World Telecom can help with phone numbers and phone systems. The best ways to attract customers are through determination and effective marketing strategies. Are you up for the task?

Author Name: Meryl D’Sa

Custom Bio: Meryl D’Sa, a graduate from Florida Atlantic University, dabbles in all genres of writing: fiction, nonfiction, academic, blogs, web content, interviews, reviews. Outside of that, she reads five books at a time, every time, and looks up recipes for food she’s too lazy to cook.