Top office design tips to maximize productivity

Did you know that the conditions you work in have a significant impact on your work? The environment you are surrounded with when you are working affects how much you can focus while you are working. No matter if you are working in an office or you have one in your home, the decor of it is going to impact how productive your work is. In a recent study, it was found out that the physical environment is the most critical factor that decides how much can a person focus on while working. If your office is well-designed, it can increase your concentration by 20%, and you would provide with better results. You can also get rattan garden furniture from uk so that people can relax in between work. Let us see some of the factors that you need to keep in mind before designing your office.

1) Lighting

Other than the artificial lights, it is advisable to have a design which will allow entry of lights. No one loves working in a dull environment. The more amount of sunlight enters your workplace; the happier people will be. And, the more comfortable someone is, the better the performance he is going to deliver with. Other than the passage of sunlight, you also need to ensure that there is good lighting as bad lighting will cause eyestrain, fatigue, headache and all of these will easily irritate an employee and affect his performance.

2) Chairs and tables

Will you love sitting in an uncomfortable chair where you have to stretch, adjust and move too often? Of course not. Try having a chair where you can sit comfortably and where your body fits perfectly. You need to keep in mind the ergonomics before designing a chair. Your eyes should maintain a distance of about 24-36 inches from the screen of your computer. The top of your monitor's display should be at or little below your eye level so that you don't have to hold your head high or always bend it. Your foot should be placed on a footrest and if you are having any back pain, go for the chairs which can be reclined slightly when needed. Always have adjustable chairs and if required also put cushions behind your chair to make yourself comfortable. It would be best if you too were providing with risers so that the height of the computer screen can be adjusted accordingly.

3) Clutter

No one wants to work in a messy environment and provide with efficient performance. No matter if you are working at an office or you have a home office, you need to keep it clean and organized. You can not clean the entire office, but what you can do instead is keep your desk clean. Don't keep piling documents and other materials in your desk because it distracts you and doesn't let you focus. If you are working at an office, give yourself 10 minutes before you leave to organize the desk. Keep the files which are not needed inside the drawer and ones that are required at the top. If you have a home office, you will have to clean it yourself, or you may ask for professional cleaning help to get the mess cleared.

4) The color of the room

The colors which surround us have a considerable impact on your mind. The black color makes us feel dull and gives some evil vibe, but the white usually gives away the calm vibe. Both, our emotional and physical responses are affected due to colors. Always make sure to have bright colors around you to make you feel more energetic. The blue color is known to increase productivity, and you can try them. But, also don't go for too much of a pop color because it might become too overwhelming. After all, it is a workplace, so you can't have pop orange and yellow.

5) Have a quiet zone

No one can concentrate in a noisy place because it affects the productivity adversely. You will not be able to focus on your work if your coworkers are always chatting or distracting you. You need to ensure that an office is a calm place where people can do their job with peace of mind. Have a quiet zone where each desk is separated from each other to minimize distraction and communication between individuals during work time. If you have limited space go for dividers and if you have some extra space, you can always place the desks at some distance from each other.

6) Have a relaxing place

No one would love to work all the time. You need to have a place where people can go and relax for a while. Have a cafeteria where people can go and grab some coffee or fresh air when they are stressed. Let your workers get some time to stretch themselves and disconnect from work so that when they come back, they can perform with utmost sincerity.

These are certain things that you need to keep in mind before designing your office. Invest once to get the things correctly and later when the good performance of your employees get you much profit; you won't regret this decision. Get the best commercial furnitre from