The Wonderful Ways Walking Helps You Lose Your Baby Weight

After bringing a baby into the world and dedicating your entire day and night time to the tiny creature, the last thing you’d want is going to the gym in order to shed those extra pregnancy pounds. However, getting your body back is something that most mothers feel is important to them. So how can you go about getting used to motherhood and all its challenges while squeezing some precious weight loss programs?

Luckily, you don’t have to stress yourself out about this. Chances are your tiny, perfect baby is excelling at that already! Instead, you should implement a very basic human ability into your daily schedule and hopefully, sooner rather than later, the extra pounds will drop. We’re talking about walking. Without further ado, here are the wonderful ways walking helps you lose weight fast after having a baby:

  • Helps your lymphatic system work, which aids your metabolism
  • Raises your cardiac rhythm, acting as a cardio workout
  • Lowers or stabilizes glucose levels by delivering them to the muscles
  • Burns hip, belly and thigh fat
  • Tones your core and leg muscles
  • Lowers your stress levels which promotes weight loss
  • Strengthens your immune system which means you’ll be fit for sport all the time

If this short list wasn’t enough to convince you, then let’s see what exactly happens to your body during walking. Maybe this information will help you in your goal to lose weight.

How to lose weight fast after having a baby by walking:

The first 5 minutes

The very first minutes of moderate walking will mostly trigger some very basic somatic reactions. Your walking will tell your body to release energy-producing chemicals in order to fuel your physical activity. This means that your heart rate will go up from about 70 beats per minute to one hundred beats per minute. As a consequence, more blood will be directed towards your muscles. Still, at this point, things are too light so you won’t lose weight fast after having a baby – at least not yet!

One of the first and most immediate benefits of this type of workout after pregnancy is that it warms up your muscles and any stiffness will subside as your joints will release lubricating fluid to aid an easier movement.

At this point in time, your body will only burn approximately 5 calories per minute, which is not bad considering that at rest, our bodies burn 1 calorie per minute. Still, since you’re engaged in some type of exercise, your body will need more fuel to keep itself going and so it will start pulling from its carb and fat stores. And here’s where the magic starts to happen.

Minutes 5-10

At this point, you will start losing the extra baby weight. Your heart rate will be well above 100 beats per minute, but hopefully, won’t go over 140 bpm as that would be bad! If it ever does, slow down! You’re hurting your heart – literally!

Now, you are proudly burning 6 calories per minute. Among the myriad of somatic reactions to the workout stress (positive stress, of course), there will be a slight increase in your blood pressure which will be immediately countered by the release of blood vessel expanding chemicals. This will help your body bring more blood and oxygen to your muscles, specifically your legs but also your bums, ladies! After all, without the glorious gluteus maximus aka the butt muscles, walking would be impossible!

Of course, 10 minutes of moderately-paced walking around the park can really make a fresh mommy gasp for air, but at least at this point, you really start to shed the pounds. So, if you want to lose weight fast after having a baby, reaching the 10-minute mark is mandatory!

Minutes 10-20

After a couple of rounds, you will manage to do this type of workout for more than 10 minutes. This means you’ll be able to burn 7 calories per minute. Of course, at this point, breathing will be harder and your bloodstream will be filled with hormones such as epinephrine and glucagon to deliver fuel to your muscles.

Your body temperature will also be rising due to the increased challenge and you will start to sweat in order to keep yourself cool. At this point, you may want to drink an energy drink or fresh juice, but you really shouldn’t. The only thing that needs to get in your body is plain water. That’s the route to go if you want to lose weight fast after having a baby. Otherwise, the sugar or glucose in those energy drinks will only sabotage your mission.

Minutes 20-40

Oh boy! If you’ve reached this point you deserve a fit mommy medal! By now, you should feel invigorated because your body starts to release tension as it relaxes due to the hormone cocktail your blood is filling up with. Also, at this point, it’s easier than ever to lose weight fast after having a baby because a lot of fat is burned and insulin levels drop which means your body won’t hold on to storing fat that badly!

Minutes 40-60

You might want to stop after you reach an hour mark. After all, you’re not training for the triathlon, but simply trying to lose weight fast after having a baby. If you’re human, you should be feeling tired as your carb stores will be reduced. After you finish your power-walk, your heart rate and breathing will slowly return to their normal levels and so will the sweating. The good thing about finishing a workout is the fact that you still burn calories to lose weight for up to an hour post-effort. Great news, isn’t it?

Yes, the road to losing the dreaded baby weight can be rather difficult to navigate at times. However, there are easier ways to achieve your goal. One way is walking moderately or vigorously for at least 10 to 20 minutes. While you should never start any workout without consulting with your physician first, you can rest assured that if given the green light, walking will be a great way to lose weight fast after having a baby.