What Are Some Of The Effective Medical Uses Of Marijuana

Many states are legalizing medical marijuana and it comes with a lot of advantages. According to some research, it can be said since medical marijuana helps, it should be legalized. Though over usage of marijuana is not good for health, the researchers are going through different medical uses on how its use can impact on human body. As of now, only 6% of research on marijuana helps to know about its medical purposes. Two chemicals known as cannabidiol or CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol or THC have a good impact on the human body. Some of the uses are detailed in the following part of the article.

Helps Treat Glaucoma

Certain eye diseases such as Glaucoma can be treated with the help of marijuana. Due to this disease, the pressure in the eyeball is increased with the chances of damaging the optic nerves. Therefore, by taking medical marijuana, the pressure on the eyeball will be reduced. Further studies are of the opinion when marijuana is smocked it reduces intraocular pressure in humans.

Reduces Symptoms Of Dravet's Syndrome

A seizure disorder is known as Dravet’s syndrome can be treated with marijuana with high cannabidiol content. Apart from seizures, some developmental delays are also caused by the patient. In this case, cannabidiol starts to react with the brain cell and in this way the excessive activity of the brain can be reduced that ultimately results in seizures.

Chemical In Marijuana Helps In The Spread Of Cancer

The spreading of cancer can be reduced by a chemical that has been found in marijuana known as CBD. Cannabidiol prevents cancer from spreading and it turns a gene called Id-1. There is a tendency of the cancer cells to make copies of this gene compared to non-cancer cells. Researchers have treated breast cancer cells with cannabidiol and it has been seen that the cells became less aggressive spreaders.

Reduces The Level Of Anxiety

Medical marijuana helps in reducing pain and suppresses nausea and these are the main reasons which are used to eliminate the side effects of chemotherapy. According to medical research, it can be said that some drugs have a better benefit on human health due to a reduced level of anxiety. But it is also known that increased intake of marijuana can result in anxiety and you might end up in a state of paranoid. However, it is better to look for medical marijuana in medical dispensary oregon to get the best medicines.

Therefore, even if you are taking doses of marijuana, it is better to opt for the same after consulting your doctor. Excessive dose might result in adverse situations. When buying the medicine, get it checked from the doctor.