What Are The Crucial Facts That You Need To Know About NZ Electronic Travel Authority

The number of travelers going to New Zealand has increased steadily in the past couple of years, and you can expect this growth to continue. Most of the short-term visitors coming here via air or sea do not have to apply for the visa, and this ease of traveling helps the tourism industry of the country. It does not help the authorities when they only get to know about these visitors once they are already enroute to NZ.

They cannot screen the travelers in advance for the immigration risks, and this reduces the travelers ability to enter the country faster and smoothly. The Electronic Travel Authority aims to deal with all these issues, and it is a part of the government's efforts to make crossing borders as seamless as possible.

The Aim Of The Electronic Travel Authority

Following are the top five aims of the Electronic Travel Authority of New Zealand:

1. Reducing the immigration risks and enhancing security

2. Addressing bio-security and smuggling risks

3. Improving the experience of the travelers

4. Supporting the international relationships and agreements of New Zealand

5. Adapting to the changing requirements and needs of the government, travelers, and stakeholders over time.

The Way The Electronic Travel Authority Of New Zealand Works

Before visiting New Zealand, the travelers who need to have an Electronic Travel Authority will fill out an easy form and pay the fees online. Some of the travelers will also need to pay International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy, as well. To apply for the Electronic Travel Authority, you will have to provide your name and birthdate, contact details, passport details, declarations about criminal conviction history and travel intention, and biometric information. This Electronic Travel Authority will stay valid for a period of two years.

The Individuals Who Will Need An Electronic Travel Authority

You will need an Electronic Travel Authority in any one of the three situations:

1. The travelers of the sixty countries who are not required to get a visa before coming to New Zealand will need to apply for the Electronic Travel Authority. This facility is offered to the citizens of visa waiver countries, cruise ship crew and passengers, and commercial airline crew.

2. Only Australian permanent residents and not Australian citizens will need to have an Electronic Travel Authority.

3. Citizens of New Zealand and those with valid New Zealand visas (both temporary and resident visas) can enter the country without having to fill out a new zealand eta application form.

You can also hand over the process of applying to third party websites and let them take care of it all to ease out your journey to New Zealand.