What Are The Different Kinds Of Knives That You Must Have In The Kitchen

Your training in the world of cooking begins with the use of knives. It is important to get a good set of kitchen knives to help you get started. A knife is your primary tool in the kitchen because it will make your chopping and dicing work effortless and easy. You can have a variety of blades in the kitchen when you turn from an amateur cook to a more experienced one. However, these four knives will suffice if you are a beginner in the world of cooking.

The Primary Knife

The primary knife also called the chef's knife, is one of the basic requirements in any kitchen. This one is the first knife you will need, and you can use it to slice, chop, dice, and mince all kinds of meats, fruits, vegetables, and fish. The sharp tip, stable heel, and curvature of the blade are the characteristic features of these knives. Make sure you choose a high-carbon stainless steel knife because it retains the edge for the longest time.

The Paring Knife

The paring knife is of three to four inches, and you use it for the small vegetables, fruits, and meat that you cannot handle with a chef's knife. Go for three-inch paring knives if you do a lot of in-hand cutting, such as holding a small fruit in your hand while you cut it. Go for a durable model because these knives are meant for delicate cutting work.

The Serrated Knife

The third important knife is the eight-inch serrated knife, or bread knife as it is called. It gets used for all kinds of vegetables and fruits that have waxy or tough skins with soft interiors. You can use it for eggplants, tomatoes, or slicing off the rinds of pineapples, melons, and squash. A chef's knife can do these jobs too, but a serrated knife is a better choice because it is more effective than a chef's knife.

The Sharpening Steel

The sharpening steel is not a knife, but you need it to keep the other knives functional and useful. It will realign the edges so that the knives stay sharp, cut clean, and go for a long time before you need to sharpen them again. The sharpening steels are available in a variety of sizes, such as eight, ten, or twelve inches, and they are really affordable. You can visit the website HomeKuku to know more.

You can search the market and take a look at different product options to know, which the best set of kitchen knives is, to meet your needs for now. Before making the purchase, read the reviews to know if the product is worth the price.