What Are The Different Types Of Antibodies That You Will Know About

Antibodies have brought about an evolution in the world of medicines today. These can be considered as powerful proteins that has specialized way of functioning. It usually aids the human body to keep diseases and infections at bay by detecting bacteria, viruses along with cells that are infected. Every antibody has a purpose and binds to specific antigen that are often relevant too danger signals that are present in the human body. This particular antigen is as well considered and called as the target of the antibody.

The antibody classes or the antibody isotypes defies the function of the antibody in the human body. The designation of a particular isotyepe is the Ig that is also called the immunoglobulin whereas the classes are named utilizing the Ig convention. However, as said and done, there are total five categories of antibodies that are present in the human body. Take a look at the following to find out about them in detail.


This is one of the antibodies that falls in the primary category that is present in the human body. This isotype is generally present in the mucosal part of the body for example the mouth. It is also present in the vaginal areas, breast milk, tears or saliva; there are two subunits that together make the IgA. As it is tied to a particular target, it has the capacity to fuel inflammation. IgA also acts as the barrier that actually keeps the epithelial cells and the pathogens separate. The recreation of IgA isotype against inappropriate targets is often related with specific autoimmune ailments which may include celiac ailment as well.


This is the most common type of antibody that actually indicates to the main category of antibody. Unlike other isotypes it does not circulate and is tied to B cells in the body. Rather than that, it indicates the cells to get active in the body. This can aid in stimulating the inflammation. The IgD is one of the most common yet rare antibody types that are often not understood well by the medical world. There are more functionalities of it that are on the constant verge of exploration by medical experts.


This is another type of antibody that tackles the allergic response in the body. This type of antibody is often present in the derma, mucous membranes and also the lungs. However, you would be interested to know that the CD3 Antibody is one of the foremost isotypes to be approved for treating transplant rejection in the year 1986.

The functionalities and benefits of this particular type of isotype are being discovered constantly. You can click on the above mentioned link to find out more about these immunosuppressive drugs and also make online purchases.