What are the different types of bathroom rugs that you can use?

When it comes to renovating and redecorating a bathroom, the majority of the homeowners give more attention to other aspects of the bathroom like showers, sinks, bathtubs, etc. To ensure the safety of your family members, it is essential to make use of a bathroom rug. Besides providing you with a proper surface to walk on, a bathroom rug primarily offers safety. It prevents one from getting slipped on wet floors in the bathroom.

Types of bathroom rugs

Cotton rug

One of the common materials that a bathroom rug is made of is cotton. The cotton bathroom rug is thinner in size compared to other available types. The fabric is light and softer and helps in absorbing water on the floor effectively. Even it dries up faster. This is more durable and easier to clean. However, it is better to wash a cotton bathroom rug using the washing machine.

Chenille rug

Chenille rug is one of the finest types of bathroom rug which prevents you from slipping on the wet floor in the bathroom. It is highly durable and doesn't get affected despite constant exposure to water. One can enjoy their shower without any worries of getting slipped, as a chenille rug helps in drying up the feet quickly. Also, it is easier to clean a chenille rug using the washing machine, quite similar to the cotton rugs.

Memory Foam rug

There is an availability of a type of rug in the market, which is called a memory foam bathroom rug. The uniqueness of this type of carpet is that it can mold itself to the shape of the body of an individual. Being thick and soft, this type of foam mat can absorb water super-fast and ensures safety. Even using such mats in the bathroom can give you enough peace of mind as you do not also need to worry when your kid is in the bathroom, as it is non-slippery.

Polyester rug

Used by most for being highly durable and affordable, polyester rug certainly helps in soaking water on the floor in the bathroom. It is safer to use such a mat if a bathroom is used by many people or family members throughout the day. Apart from using the washing machine, such a rug is also hand-washable.

To make sure that no unwanted accident takes place in the bathroom due to the wet and slippery floor, besides using the types mentioned above of rugs, it is easier to use and wash rubber backed mats that are non-slippery and highly durable by using a washing machine or hand itself.

One can choose a suitable bathroom rug according to the design, textures, and colours of the bathroom. However, it is also very important to keep in mind that the bathroom rug you choose is neither too big nor too small and covers the entire area of your bathroom.