What Are The Effects And Benefits To Know About The Therapy Of Sensory Deprivation Tank

A sensory deprivation tank is nothing but an isolation tank which is basically used for the restricted environmental stimulation therapy or safely known as REST. It is a soundproof and dark tank which is filled with a foot or even less of salt water. As far as its discovery is concerned, the first sensory deprivation tank was discovered in the year 1954 by the famous American neuroscientist and physician, John C. Lilly. The reason why he designed the tank was that he wanted to study the origins of consciousness by cutting the external stimuli. To know about the effects and benefits of sensory deprivation tank, keep reading on.

Effects And Benefits Of Sensory Deprivation Tank

According to the effect of sensory deprivation tank, the water in the isolation tank is heated to the skin temperature which nearly saturates magnesium sulphate by providing buoyancy to float more seamlessly. Upon entering the tank, you are cut off from all the outside stimulation such as sight, sound, as well as gravity. You float weightlessly in silence as well as darkness. The brain will enter into a deeply relaxed state.

Benefits Of Sensory Deprivation Tank

First and foremost, sensory deprivation tank improves your athletic performance. According to researches, it has been found that it is effective in speeding recovery right after strenuous physical training just by decreasing the blood lactate.

Second,it can improve concentration and focus too. There are pieces of evidence that the sensory deprivation also enhances focus as well as concentration. Plus, it might also lead to clearer as well as more precise thinking. As a matter of fact, this is linked with the improvement of learning and enhancing performing excellently in school as well as colleges.

As far as researches are concerned, sensory deprivation tank helps in making oneself more creative. Floating in the sensory deprivation tank is discovered to increase originality as well as imagination. For a fact, it also enhances intuition with an overall creative improvement.

Lastly, most people have come across that floating in sensory deprivation tank results in hallucinations. Over the past few years, sensory deprivation induces psychosis-like experiences.Researchers have found that the sensory deprivation induces similar experience in both low and high-prone groups.Moreover, it also increases the frequency of hallucinations for the high-prone groups.

This brings to the closure of the guide enlightening the effects of sensory deprivation tank.Not only does it treat anxiety but sensory deprivation tank also relieves pain. As a matter of fact, the effects of sensory deprivation tank therapy results in treating chronic pains. It is also effective in treating tension headaches as well. To know more about the benefits, you can keep watching this space.