What Are The Essential Documents Required For The Approval Of Indian E-Visa

The entire procedure of application of an Indian visa to its successful verification and approval is no longer a painstaking process for the foreigners as the authorities have simplified it to a great extent. You can apply using the offline mode as well as the online mode as both are made available for the tourists by the Indian government. However, the visa application process does require you to provide the essential authentic documents for the successful verification of your stay as well as the safety and security of the tourists here. So, here are the vital records that you need to submit to the authorities concerned for the approval of your e-visa to the Indian subcontinent:

Primary Crucial Documents For The Application Of Indian E-Visa

The most important materials which are vital to the successful implementation of the Indian e-visa would include the following:

•A valid passport of minimum six months from the date of application of the visa

•A valid email address of the applicant as a contact information

•Valid credit card for the payment purposes

Documentation For Personal Information

Apart from the above-mentioned essential documents, one also needs to provide the authorities with different kinds of documents for personal information verification. You need to offer legitimate proofs of the following as these also form an essential part of the Indian visa document requirements:

•Evidence of the complete name of the applicant

•Place of birth and the date of birth proof of the applicant

•Address proof of the applicant

•The passport number of the applicant

•Nationality proof

Always remember that it is essential; to match all the provided information with the documents submitted to the authorities during the verification process of your Indian e-visa. This is important as all this information would be linked to your e-visa, which would be required for your visit as well as stay in the country for a specific period.

Apart from this, the applicants will also be asked a few critical questions by the authorities to check the background information as well as to check the eligibility of the person to enter the land of India. You also need to show the financial reports of your income as a proof of being financially independent during your stay in this country.

You also need to provide a recent passport-sized color photograph of your face as well as your passport for the reason of tourism or the short term course, etc. In case if you are visiting this land for official business purposes, then it is mandatory to provide the official email signature or the business card along with the documents mentioned above to the concerned authorities. In the case of medical treatments, you need to submit the letters and reports from the hospital. These are all the critical Indian Visa Document Requirements that you need to fulfill for the approval of your Indian e-visa.

In case of doubts regarding the process of visa application or documentation required for the application, you can visit the official visa website of India. Also, you can hire a reputed travel partner for guiding you through the entire process until the completion of the approval of your visa status here.