What Are The Factors Responsible For Gum Problem

Often while taking care of the oral health, people pay attention towards various dental problems like cavities, decayed teeth and similar dental problem as such. But what they forget to take care of is the gum. But not taking care of gums might lead to gingival disease which is like the bacterial growth in the mouth. And this bacteria has the potentiality to destroy the surrounding tissue in a tooth and can hence lead to tooth loss.

Few Factors Responsible For Gum Problems

•Improper Dental Hygiene Practice - There is particular group of people who avoid oral health completely and therefore suffer from gum problem later on. It is therefore important for people to get dental checkup from emergency dentist.

•Unhealthy Lifestyle - One of the major reasons for gum problem is excessive drinking, smoking or other unhealthy habits.

•Hormonal Variations - This form of variation occur mainly during pregnancy, puberty, menopause, and menstruation. These variations do not give rise to gum problem but can trigger the existing one.

•Medications - high dosage of drug can create gum problems and can lead to the growth of gingivitis bacteria.

•Genetics - Earlier problems in the family can also be the cause of bacterial infection known as gingivitis.

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It has been evident that three out of four people suffers from gum problem everywhere. It is therefore essential to keep the gums healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Lack of oral hygiene can give birth to the significant oral problem later in their life. And the only way to prevent it is by adopting holistic living.