What are the facts about using lights for product photos?

The right use of lights is essential for any photography, but its significance increases manifold when you think about product photography. It helps in highlighting a product and showcasing its usefulness and its designs at the same time. You cannot afford to ruin the image by clicking a dull and dreary image of it, and that is what makes the light so important for the photos. There are two kinds of lights used for product photos, namely, natural and artificial light, and the following are the details of it.

The details about clicking photos under natural light

Natural light is also known as soft light, and it refers to the sunlight. The sun casts a softer and a larger range of light than a lamp that shines directly over the product. E-commerce products need to get clicked under natural light only if:

  • You shoot the product outside or if it is something that is meant to be shot outside
  • The product gets used by, worn on, or shot with an individual, as people look much better in natural light.
  • You are trying to emphasize the surroundings of the product, rather than only the specific attributes that it has
  • When you want the light of the sun to come in at the product from a specific angle to light a part or some specific attributes that it has.

The details about clicking photos under artificial light

Artificial light is also known as hard light, and it refers to candles, fire, and more commonly, light bulbs. The name hard light gets derived from the fact that it offers a small but more focus light surface. It is the kind of light that works well for the products that have physical details that must get highlighted to impress any online shopper. An appealing photo taken under artificial light will highlight the texture of the product and bring out the designs as the main selling point.

As a general rule, you should stick to just one type of light per photo for Product Photography, natural or artificial. Adding natural light to an artificially lit photo can soften a product that is supposed to look sharp, and adding artificial light to a naturally lit photo can end up sharpening a product that is supposed to look soft. You would not want to get in your own way from clicking a great photo.