What Are The Fun And Dangerous Social Media Challenges

Social media is an addiction and all of us are the addicts of social media. Social media can be a boon or a curse depending on how we use it. Social media is a multipurpose tool. It provides us with Information, News, Entertainment, Knowledge, etc. As the social platforms are growing, their producers are making it more open for the public. This has led to various viral social trends that people tend to follow. Due to the growing popularity of social media, people go crazy about viral activities. Recently various challenges got famous on social apps like Instagram, facebook, twitter, etc. some of the viral challenges include the KIKI Challenge, the ice bucket challenge, the blue whale challenge, beat boxing challenge, day to day emerging dance challenge and many more. Therefore introducing to you vulff an interesting social media platform, where you can challenge your near and dear ones on some of these crazy challenges.

Below Are The Details Of Certain Viral Challenges:

•The Mannequin Challenge - In this challenge, the people were expected to remain frozen. In this challenge, while the people were frozen, the camera moves around them and the song "Black Beatles" is played in the background. This is one of the challenges which, when viral on all the social networks.

•Ice Bucket Challenge - Not all challenges are for fun; some of the challenges are to create awareness or to do good deeds. The Ice bucket challenge was a challenge where the people who initiated it wanted to inform the world about the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as ALS. This challenge created awareness among the people regarding the disease and also help them to generate certain donations or fund that was required to research and make developments on the disease. In this challenge, a bucket full of ice is either poured on the person's head by oneself or by another person.

•The Kiki Challenge - Certain challenges in spite of being fun are dangerous to the health or life of the person performing the challenge. The KiKi challenge is one of the examples of the challenge where the life of the person was endangered. In this challenge, the person comes out of a slow movie car and dances on the beat of the latest song "In my Feelings". This challenge spread like a storm throughout the internet.

In this article, we get to know how social sites are good for a person at the same time how they can be harmful. Thus the introduction of Vulff a whole new social platform encourages you to create your challenges keeping in mind the safety. This application helps you to challenge your family and friends enjoy the challenge with them. All you have to do is log in to the amazing site and start creating your challenges which are interesting and entertaining. Such challenges would help you to gain the attention of people all over the world and would make your challenge a viral one. Thus greater the technological, the more ideas and platforms to perform various tasks.