What Are The Health Benefits Of The Different Type Of Hindu Prayer Beads

You may know about the Hindu Prayer beads if you are associated with the Yoga and meditations. From the inception of the Hinduism, the beads existed as yogis had discovered many magnificent benefits of wearing the beads. Many yogis often used the beads as a tool to meditate. However, in recent times, the modern science discovered the positive effects of the prayer beads on the physical, metaphysical and psychological health of a human. The beads absorb the negative vibes from the inner soul and regenerate the positive vibes to boost the overall health.

Different Type Of The Beads And How It Effects On Body And Mind

Tulsi Mala

In the Hinduism, the Tulsi tree is a sacred plant which plays a significant role in performing the Hind rituals. Besides, the Tulsi leaves are also useful, and it can boost the immune system of the body. The Tulsi wood Mala is a symbol of the Hindu culture. These Hinduism prayer beads help to clean the aura.In addition to that, the beads can balance the Kapha and Vata from the human body. Many users stated that the enchantment of the Hindu mantra by using the Tulsi Mala beads could increase the concentration and improve the internal growth.

Crystal Mala

The crystal is usually a natural energizer. The power of the crystal can arouse the brain, and it helps to focus on an object ore strongly. The crystal Mala beads can balance out all the chakras while performing the yoga and the meditations. It is also beneficial for the cellulite.

Lotus Mala

Lotus Mala beads can positively affect the physical and spiritual health of a human. Another benefit of using the lotus Mala is that it has a cooling effect which can heal your pain and it also rejuvenates the chakras of the mind and body of the human.

Rudraksha Mala beads

The Rudraksha Mala beads are the ultimate symbol of the Hinduism prayer beads. There is a myth that Rudraksha is the third eye of Lord Shiva. The pious seeds come with several types which are Ekmukhi, Panchamukhi, SaptaMukhi and many more. It has a significant effect on the heart chakra, and it positively improves the blood pressure. The Hindu prayer beads can also stabilize the entire system of the human body.

There are other firms of Mala or beads which are beneficial in many ways. The benefits of the beads are doubled up if you use the beads as a tool while performing the mediation. The prayers beads are not only common to the Hindu culture, but you may find the extensive uses in the Christianity, Buddhism, Jews, Orthodox Roman Catholics, and much other religion