What Are The Interesting Facts About Tourism In Paris

Paris is among the influential and important cities. The capital city of France is in the second position in terms of tourism. The top attractions are splendid ones that require effective travel advice when visiting the city for the first time. With a travel adviser, you can save money if visiting the city for the first time. The beautiful squares, gardens, attractive monuments, and streets are designed for the enjoyment of travellers.

Places To Explore In Paris

•Eiffel Tower

It is one of the symbolic places to visit in Paris. This 324 meters high monument is a world famous one with almost 7 million visitors who visit the place. The ascent of the monument is a magnificent view to see in Paris.

•Louvre Museum

Among the most visited art museums, this is a famous one. This famous place is in the heart of the city, and it has been built during the 12th century. This royal palace is spread over a total area of 210,000 square meters.

•Arc Of Triumph

This is another excellent attractions in Paris constructed during 1806, and it is a 164 feet high monument. The tomb of an unknown soldier during the First World War has been placed under this arch. The intricate features of this popular construction depict that victorious battle of that time.

Cruise On The Seine

•Nothing can be better than visiting ‘City of Light' to enjoy cruise ride on the Seine. With sunset, the monuments are lit. This place offers an excellent panoramic view. Also, visitors can enjoy the excellent beauty of the city and see Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, and more.

Things To Indulge In Paris

•Explore Famous Palais-Royal Gardens - To escape from the hustle bustle of the city, this place is the best option. This is the best-kept secret that you should visit in Paris.

•Go For A Walk Along Narrow Streets Of The Ile Saint-Louis –Perfect walk along the serene courtyard is a must you should do in Paris. Also, the traditional Parisian fare is a must visit in this place.

•Shopping At Rue Saint-Honoré - For brand and fashion lovers, this is the suitable choice that they should not miss out.

•Look For Treasure At Marché Aux Puces De Saint-Ouen – This is the largest and famous flea market which is 150 years old. It offers a vintage look with a lot of treasure options to explore. It is among the Most beautiful places in Paris.

During your visit to Paris, with so much to explore, you have to narrow down to have some quality time of your visit to this amazing city. Even when planning for a long weekend, make sure that the famous places do not miss out.