What are the key points to know to understand the game of Cricket?

Cricket is one of the most popular games in the world. While a certain group of people is absolutely crazy about the game, there is another group who finds it difficult to understand a single thing about the game. It can be a difficult game to follow if you are not familiar with the ways of playing and the rules of the game. Once you understand everything about the game, you will find it as much enjoyable as your friends find it. The following are a few of the pointers that you need to understand the game, in order to enjoy it.

The ways of playing the game

There are a fielding team and a batting team in cricket, which is almost similar to baseball. A member from the fielding team throws the ball at the batsman. The batsman wields his wooden bat in an attempt to hit that ball around the field. Runs are scored by either hitting the ball over the boundary or by running between the two wickets. There are two aims on the part of the fielding team. They want to get those batsmen out and also to limit the number of runs scored by each of the batsmen.

The rules of playing the game

Each team in a cricket match consists of eleven players. All the eleven players of the fielding team take the field, and there are two players on the ground from the batting team. There are also two umpires on the ground. The game takes places on an oval ground. The playing arena is about 150 meters long and 130 meters across. However, this is not an exact figure, and it varies from one ground to another. The pitch is in the middle of this oval ground. The pitch is of 22 yards, and it is hard ground that is covered by very short grass. There are three wooden stakes at each side of the pitch with two wooden pieces resting on the top of the stakes on each side. These are known as wickets.

The bowler delivers the ball with a straight aim to the batsman. Throwing the ball is not allowed. The ball should not rise above the batsman’s waist without bouncing. There are restrictions on the permitted style of batting, and it is similar to baseball. There is several of the best cricket betting sitesthat bet on the game, which you can check out.

Once you understand the rules of the game, you will definitely enjoy both watching and playing the game. The cricket matches take place all through the year, and it is a highly addictive game to watch.