What Are The Reasons Behind The Rapid Growth Of Usage Of Non Woven Bags

The non-woven bags are made of a fabric of short and long fibers. The fibers are bonded by mechanical, chemical, solvent or heat treatment. This is the best alternative to polythene bags. These types of bags are biodegradable. The fibers are not woven and because of that bags are not sturdy. The bags are not as durable as polythene. The bags also come in different color and sizes. Nowadays, several retail shops are encouraging people to use biodegradable bags.

The Reasons Behind The Popularity

•Non woven bags are easily disposable.

•The bags are easily flushable and do not contaminate the water.

•The bags are biodegradable, and this is the reason the bags does not ruin the fertility of the soil.

•The bags do not block the drainage system and do not impede the sewage water flow.

•The manufacturing process of non woven bags is simple, and the process helps to restore natural resources.

•The bags are recyclable and create no pollution in the environment.

•Usage of non woven bags has cut down the toxic waste in the environment.

Why The Bags Are Eco-Friendly?

Unlike plastic bags, these non-woven bags are eco-friendly because they do not disrupt the ecological balance of the environment. These bags do not contaminate the water or harm the water born animals. These bags do not restrict the fertility of the soil. Unlike the paper bags, the non-woven bags do not require papers at the time of manufacturing; thus the process does not require deforestation. The bags are not inflammable, and one can rely on them.

The Manufacturing Process

The non woven bag printing machine is affordable. One can start a business as the product is getting popular in the market by following these business ideas. The manufacturing process is also simple. One needs to place the fibers close together then needs to spread binding material over the fibers, and the pressed with the machine. The process does not require much energy and does not reduce the natural source of energy. The binder can be adhesive, and one can use natural adhesive instead of chemicals. The machine is similar to the papermaking machine. The manufacturing process takes several steps to finish. The bags are made of fine fibers so that they do not harm the sanitation.

When one is going to purchase the machine one needs, to buy from reputed and reliable manufacturers. You can also explore about the paper bag making machine price online. Before purchasing the machine one should go through the customer reviews on the brand. One needs to make sure that the machine comes with a significant warranty. Apart from the price of the machine is also essential and this is the reason one needs to select the affordable option.