What Are The Reasons For Having The Itchy Skin Of Dogs

The saddest part of petting an animal is that they cannot express their problems by telling you what they feel. The pet animals often suffer from serious diseases, which can lead them to the life risking prolonged illness. Itchy skin of the dog is a very common problem, and mild itchy does not consider as the illness however if it becomes the chronic diseases, then it may be able to be a reason for worry. The article may help you to identify the symptoms and also you may able to know the probable reasons about the illness.

The Symptoms Of The Itchy Skin Of The Dog

So what are the reasons for the itchy skins of the dogs? What are the possible symptoms in which you can understand that your pet is going through a lot of pain? The signs will clear your mind, and it will help to take the necessary actions for the itchy skin.

•Uncontrolled scratching

•Biting (Self injury)


•Constant licking

•Redness and infection

•Scaling of the scale

The Reasons For Itchy Skin

Bacterial Infection: The number one cause of itching skin of the dog is that the bacterial infection. Bacteria may come from the playground or from outside of the house. The bacteria may cause a deadly skin related disease to your pet.

Flea Allergies:
Flea allergy dermatitis is one of the common allergies which can cause the itchy skin to your dog. It occurs when your pet is hypersensitivities to the saliva fleas emit when they bite.

Food Allergies:
Some of the foods are not suitable for the pets. It can infuse the allergy and can create deadly diseases. Some pets can get the rashes, hives or swelling. Food posing is also a common problem due to the specific foods which can increase the food allergies.

Fungal Infection:
Fungal infection can be another reason which can lead to the skin diseases including the rashes, dry skin and the itchiness of the skin. The ring worms, fungi are contagious, and it needs an emergency medical need for your pet.

Yeast Infections

Yeast is an average inhabitant of the skin, and it can cause the infection. Most of the disease mainly appeared at the armpits or the skin folds. The dog supplements for itchy skin can be the best solution for controlling the urge of scratching.

Other than the environmental allergies, ear millet's, mange, ticks, endocrine diseases are some of the diseases which can lead to the rashes, dry skin and the itchy skin. There are natural home remedies are present which can cure the itchiness. However, if it is turns out to be a chronic disease, then you may think about visiting a vet doctor to heal your pet.