What Are The Simple Tips You Must Follow To Grow Your YouTube Channel

The past few years have seen a drastic change in the way people spend their time online and offline. Social media has taken a soaring flight in recent years. People are more aware and alert now than they were before, all thanks to social media platform. These platforms include Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and even your website.

Amongst all these platforms, YouTube has seen tremendous growth and is now referred to as the world's ‘second largest search engine.' What are the tips you should keep in mind when you're looking to grow your channel?


People often mistake that keywords are for only for blog writers, but the importance remains the same no matter what medium you choose to promote your service or product. Just like blogging, you need to plan out your topic, keywords, and content beforehand. The reason you should pay attention to this is that keywords will help you stand out and will grow your rankings on the YouTube search.

Post Great Thumbnails

When you are notquite sure about the content you are posting, it is always better to use thumbnails or title descriptions that are appealing and catchy. Thumbnails might look like a small thing, but they have a significant impact on your video ranking, just how text-based content works. Though the content of your video might not be the best one but these videos will win the click-through-rate (CTR) battle. The best way to use a catchy thumbnail is by including large texts, highlighted areas, arrows and something that is entirely unusual.


The best way to succeed in any sector is to show your audience how much they mean to you. Never be afraid to show up in front of the camera because the more they see your face, the more they get attached to it. It adds a personal touch to the entire video and is especially important if you are an individual running the channel, a blogger: fashion, food, lifestyle or travel.


The only way to know that your audience is engaging with your channel is when they subscribe to it. Never forget to ask your viewers and audience to subscribe to your channel and try to maintain a cordial relationship with the existing ones. The key to success is free YouTube subscribers, so never buy or pay for subscribers as it will harm the authenticity of your page and bring it down.

These were a few tips to make sure the long run of your channel, but along with this make sure that the content you are posting is helpful to your audience. Posting frequently will keep you up in the chart and increase your subscribers. Remember to stay true to yourself, your brand and your audience.