What are the situations where a car's number plate fails at MOT?

You will have to take your car for an MOT test annually if it is less than forty and more than three years of age. The MOT test assures that the car is safe to be taken out on the roads. The new guidelines of the test came out in the year 2018. According to those guidelines, the number plate is the first thing of the car that gets inspected in this test. You would not want to fail an MOT just because you failed to replace your number plate in time. Read on to know the situations where the car number plates fail at MOT.

Customized car number plates

A customized plate that fails to adhere to the standard norms might fail an MOT test. It gets labeled as a major issue when the background of a plate has some kind of overprinting on it. For instance, the plate can have a honeycomb-like design or any other effects like that. Changing the alphabets and numbers on the plate and altering the fixing, which attaches the number plate to your car can make you fail the test.

Broken plate lights

Broken plate lights that are meant to light up the number plates will have to get replaced if you do not want to fail that test. The car number plates have to remain illuminated properly so that other drivers and officials can read it easily. The light on the car number plates is functional, and not there simply for the design. You also cannot have blue lights over the plates because that color of lights gets used by the emergency services in the UK.

A cracked plate

MOT test guidelines suggest that the number plate has to remain protected from deterioration, delamination, obscurity, and damage. The number plate on your car might have suffered heavy damage because of an accident. It might also have become difficult to read because of its worn-out state. You should get it replaced before going for an MOT test so that you do not end up failing the test.

Worn out numbers

The car number plates should not have worn out numbers. If theNumber Plates 4 Youhave numbers and alphabets that are written clearly, then you will have no trouble in passing the test. But, if even one of the numbers does not look clear, you will fail the annual MOT test. Check the number plate well before going for the test and get it replaced if the need arises.

You should choose a reliable company to get the car number plates replaced. The company will know all the rules and regulations and replace the car number plates according to that.