What Are The Sorts Of Animated Videos Used For Advertising

From a statistic to another, experts say that viewers receive a video better than text. Several studies support this fact. Research has shown that viewers can retain 95% of messages when they witness it in video footage. It is quite an improvement over the 10% that text offers. So, all of the available data is pointing towards video as the best medium for presenting data. Taking this into consideration, what is the prospect of an animated video as a means of advertising? It will help a New Jersey company engage better with its viewers, convert them and boost revenue.

There are several sorts of animations that are possible in brand advertising in New Jersey.

Whiteboard Animation

It’s a process of a story and storyboard having images being drawn on the whiteboard. A common practice is using stop-motion animation for giving a fresh breath of life to manual illustrations.

The use of whiteboard animation has several benefits.

• It helps in explaining hard concepts

• It makes you think about what will be shown next

• It involves the audience.

• It’s pristine, exclusive, entertaining, striking and appealing

Kinetic Typography

It refers to moving text. It’s an animation method that uses motion and text for expressing ideas through video animation. The text is added over time in a manner such that it conveys or evokes a specific idea or emotion.

This Technique Has Several Benefits:

• The effect that moving text has

• As the text moves continuously on the monitor, the viewers must follow it, and thus they remain engaged

• Smart movement of text and judicious use of fonts evoke a feeling

• Helps the viewers to preserve more information as everything is laid out before their eyes

Cartoon Animation

Animated cartoons are films made for the cinema, TV or computer screens. Sequential drawings are used to make them. Such cartoons are made to this day for commercial, educational, entertainment, and individual purposes.

The Form Of Animation Has Several Benefits:

• Have much association with animated videos

• Can have a professional feel when used in business communication

• Helps in making content entertaining and easier to comprehend

Live Action Video

Another name for animation is art that is in motion. The sketches are presented in a sequence of frames. The effect is as though the images are on the move. Live action video production new jersey of a company integrates footage of objects that move. The recording of all the objects is made in real time.

Another form of an animated video is Animated Infographic. It’s a visual illustration of information and knowledge as an online video. Such informational videos are made by combining several animations. The videos appealingly explain information and help people understand the data better. As you can see, business advertising can be very appealing.