What Are The Things To Know About Dune Bashing In Dubai

Dune bashing is a kind of off-roading carried out on the dunes in big 4x4 cars such as the Toyota Land Cruiser. You can expect to experience driving at high speed over the dunes and steering the vehicle in a way that it can maintain its balance while cruising up and down the dunes. Dune bashing is an adrenaline-rushing and highly thrilling activity, which has to be done with the utmost safety and care. The SUVs used for adventure sport come with protective gear such as roll cages. The drivers reduce the tire pressure to make sure there is maximum traction against the sand.

Things To Expect During Dune Bashing In Dubai

If you are not a highly expert driver, you will sit in the passenger seat of the car. The heavy lifting is the ability of the driver. You will skid, slip, and slide in your seat along the golden dunes of the deserts of Dubai. There is usually a convoy of vehicles doing the dune bashing to make sure there is maximum safety.

A Typical Dune Bashing Experience In Dubai

Dune bashing is on offer as a part of Dubai Desert Safari. A typical safari starts with the tour company arranging transports to the campsite and picking you from your hotel. The driver will deflate the tires, and you will meet with other people who are taking the tour with you. It is time to start the adventure finally. Depending on the comfort level of the passengers and the package that they choose, dune bashing goes on for at least thirty to forty minutes. After the activity is done, you will go to the central camp in the desert to get a truly Bedouin experience.

The Rest Of The Tour After Dune Bashing

The Dubai Desert Safari only begins at dune bashing because there is a lot to do after that. You will sit on carpets on the desert floor and enjoy authentic Arabian entertainment. You will get to do henna painting on your hands and ride a camel through the vast desert. The experience also includes a delectable barbecue dinner that comes afterwards. If you have always wanted to try the Middle Eastern cuisine, now is your time to get a taste of that. Tanoura dancers and belly dancers will perform as you sit, enjoy your meal, and watch their beautiful dance moves.

So, it is time to reserve your tickets and enjoy all the delights of Dubai Desert Safari. Book your spot at the desert safari with a reputed company, pack your bags, and get going for an experience of a lifetime.