What Are The Things You Need To Know About P45?

If you are a former employee of an employer, you have the right to get a P45 form from the previous employers. Regardless of whether you resigned from work, went away to work for other employers, or you were made to leave, the former employer must provide you with the P45 form when you leave. The form contains all the details of the complete record of the earnings and any of the taxes that have been deducted from that in the present financial year. The form has important points like the date of leaving the job, tax code, total earnings from the employers in the present tax year, the tax deductions from the earnings in that tax year, and the national insurance number.

The Four Important Parts Of The P45 Form

The P45 form comes in four important parts. The following are four integral parts of the form.Part 1 of the P45 form will get sent to HMRC by the employer. The remaining parts, namely 1A, 2, and three will be provided to you. Part 1A can be kept by you for your records. When you begin to claim the jobseeker's allowance or begin working with a new employer, you provide the parts 2 and 3 to that job centre or the new employer.

Make sure that you do not lose the P45 form as there will be no replacement provided to you. If you lose the P45 form, the new employer might provide you with a P46 form or ask you to provide him with the relevant information. This information is asked by the employers so that they are able to pass the details to HRMC and give you the tax code for the new employment.

Things To Do If P45 Is Not Provided To You

You need to ask your employer for the P45 form, and if you are not given it, you must contact the tax office. Revenue office will contact that employer and make sure that the form P45 is made available to you. The form P45 will be provided to you with a hard copy. If you have begun working for a new employer, revenue office will provide you with a new tax credit certification so that you do not need to pay emergency tax in your new job. P45 is also a form that you will need to collect to Claim tax back when leaving UK.

If you think that the PRSI contributions have not got paid and your P45 form has not been given, you must inform the social welfare inspector of your locality and sort the things out. Do not leave out important financial matters like these for the last moment.