What Are The Tricks Of Hacking Your Android Phone

The Smartphone is not limited only receiving the phone calls and the sending the text message, thanks to the digital empowerment; the smart phone now can carry many useful apps. In fact, you can operate the social media platforms with your phones. In a blink of an eye, you can circulate your message through the social media from your phone. But the upcoming digital savvy people now can easily crack the security of the phone but getting the knowledge of hacking. You can go through this short piece if writing to acquire basic knowledge about the tips and the risks to hack the smart phones.

The Tips And The Tricks Of Hacking The Smart Phones

Unlocking The Lock Screen Of The Android Smart Phones

  • Ring the emergency number of the phone.Ring till the maximum limit of emergency calling.
  • Copy the digit you put it into the emergency call number.
  • Now, open the Android camera which you can access.
  • Drag the screens downwards and paste the digits. Then repeat the process. The process will bring you to the main menu of the mobile phone.

Sending The Encrypted Email On Android

  • Messages on the Whatsapp are encrypted, but the e-mail messages are not encrypted. There are many elements in the market which can help your e-mail to work in the encrypted version.
  • The strong password can definitely help the users to work on the e-mails securely.

Making Calls And Send Texts From The Smart Phones Without Using The Cell Service

  • There are many criteria among them you need to have the Google account. Google voice number, Google hangout app, and Google dialler.
  • Once you downloaded the above features in your phone, then merely access the voice section and turn on the toggle for both the incoming and the outgoing options. You may be able to message through the Google.

Hacking The Game On The Android Smart Phone

There are many apps on the market which allow the users to hack their desire games from the Google play store. Through the apps which provide plenty in the online sites can help you to download unlimited games. The phone hacking tips can be beneficial for yourself as it can help you to offer many online facilities in your app without paying or downloading from the primary source.

In brief, in the advanced technological era, nothing is impossible. However, if you are a tech-smart person, then you won't get difficult hack the smart phone. But, if you are not tech paralyzed and have fundamental knowledge about the hacking techniques, then study more about the methods as it can ease your life for sure.