What are universal drivers and multifunctional printer drivers?

A printer driver is a utility that lets your computer communicate with a printer, and allows you to control numerous functions in the print jobs that you handle.Though you can change a few settings while launching a print command within a Windows application, you can access a couple of next-level functions through the driver interface. You can even find useful printing options that you weren't even aware of. So, read on to know more about universal drivers and multifunctional printer drivers.

Using the universal drivers

Most of the major manufacturers, including OKI, HP, Epson, Canon, and Brother, provide what they like to call universal printer drivers. But the fact of the matter is that these drivers are not really universal because these usually work only for the printers from the manufacturer. Some of these drivers might only work for monochrome or non-PostScript printing.

These can be useful though, for instance, if you have a couple of Epson printers: you will not have to install separate drivers for every new printer that you use. Microsoft also has a universal printer driver for the non-PostScript printers, though setting it up might be rather complicated. In most cases, opting for a model-specific driver that the manufacturer provides is better than using a universal driver.

The driver details for the multifunction printers

Multifunction printers are the devices that do way more than the simpler job of printing. These printers are also known as AIOs or all-in-ones, and they provide great versatility in terms of consolidating it within one machine what used to needthree or four devices. Almost all of the multifunction printers scan and copy, along with printing, and some even come with the option of sending a fax. These printers come with printer drivers and some of them also have fax drivers, but a separate scanner-driver interface with MFPs is very rare.

Usually, the scanner functions of epson printer drivers get controlled through the scan utilities of the manufacturer that come with user-friendly interfaces, or from the MFP display, regardless of whether it comes with a non-touch screen or touchscreen with function buttons for scanning. Unlike printing where you can start the print job sitting at your desk, you will need to walk up to a scanner to load the original copy. So, it is natural that most scanning functions are controlled from within the MFP, which does not need to get connected to a computer if it can scan to a USB drive.

Printer drivers make the work a lot easier than ever before. Even if you are not sure how to install it, you can any day take help from the tech experts and get the job done.