What Happens In The NFL Scouting Combine Every Year

NFL is the national football league which is a professional American football league consisting of 32 teams. These teams are divided equally between the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference. The leagues headquarter in New York itself, and its current commissioner is Roger Goodell. The top three teams of this league are New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys, and New York Giants. The NFL scouting combine is a week-long showcase that takes place every February. It generally takes place in the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Here college football team players perform various tests both physical and mental in front of the coaches, general managers of the league.

About NFL Combine Busts

For a few years now, the NFL combine busts have been started to be aired on television. Fans of sports love these scoutings more than the coaches and general managers of the tournament. They love seeing which players will get selected, and which player will get selected, and who will end up creating some record-breaking stats. However, it becomes exceedingly difficult to judge players based on a few physical finesses. The player might not be able to perform right then and there, but he might be in actuality a great player.

Test And Evaluations

The analysis and assessments which a player generally has to undergo in the course of this busting session are quite many namely:

•40-yard dash

•Vertical jump

•Broad jump

•20-yard shuttle

•Three-cone drill

•60-yard shuttle

•Position-specific drills

•Interviews – each team is allowed 60 interviews in 15-minute intervals

•Physical measurements

•Injury evaluation

•Drug screen

•The Cybex test

•The Wonderlic test

In these combine, the bench press is often used as the ultimate test for strength and stamina; it is here that. It is here that the athletes lift 225 pounds as many times as they can. Since 1998, only eighteen men in the combine have been able to achieve more than 40 reps.

Many sports critics have pointed out that the tests held at the NFL have basically to connect with the future performance of an athlete. They are therefore not the correct benchmark to judge a player. Rather his past performance in college tournaments can be a better indicator of his physical ability. The NFL combine busts, therefore, are not to be held in that prime importance as it generally is.

NFL has grown in popularity over the years. There are more than a thousand applications right now for the combine busts. Previously, the NFL used to hold Veteran Combine, where senior players are selected for playing in individual tournaments. They canceled it in 2016. However, the NFL announced it would bring back the veteran naming it as Pro Player Combine however it would combine more on younger boys than veterans.