What Is The Importance Of Ethical Leadership In An Organization

Organizations are feeling the need to teach various types of leadership. The style of leadership is a way of providing directions and motivating people. It is practiced by leaders whose main aim is to optimize the work productivity. Moreover, there are a variety of leadership styles that can be depicted by leaders in various fields. In this context, it is essential to note that modern Leadership Styles comprises of three types of leadership styles that include autocratic leadership style, laissez-faire leadership style, and democratic leadership style. These kinds of methods are beneficial to organizations. According to the authoritarian style of leadership, the leaders are autocratic that refers to the fact that they make decisions without consulting their teammates even if their input is beneficial.

Several Leadership Styles Practiced In An Organization That Is Vital To Its Operation

The autocratic style of leadership is most appropriate when one needs to make the decision quickly. Moreover, this style of leadership is also useful in case when the team agreement is not necessary. However, this style of leadership can be demoralizing and can be the cause of high absenteeism among staff members. On the flip side, in the laissez-faire leadership style, the leaders give their team members a relatively high level of freedom in how they do their work. Also, the leaders provide a lot of liberty to their subordinates in which way they should go about setting their deadlines. In this style of leadership, they provide advice and resources to their teammates.

However, they do not get directly involved in their work. This style of leadership can guarantee high job satisfaction. However, it can be damaging to the team of workers in case they do not manage their time in a well-mannered fashion. This style of leadership also emerges when leaders do not have control over their subordinates. Moreover, the democratic leadership style revolves around the concept of leadership that takes into account the views of the employees in the decision-making process. It is worthwhile to note that this style of leadership promotes creativity within the team when there is an unethical person present.

Further, this style of leadership profoundly engages people in projects and decisions. It is because of this fact that team members tend to have a high satisfaction rate of job and a high rate of productivity. This leadership style is known as the transformational style of leadership. It is often observed that the transformational style of leadership is a leadership that has high degrees of integrity and fairness in the case of an unethical person.

The various leadership styles practiced in the organizations illustrate the fact that it plays a vital role in motivating the workers of the salons. Even if it is a small scale industry, the role of leadership in its successful operation cannot be overlooked. The workers can work freely only because they have a good leader who can efficiently lead them. The salons that specialize in giving the right assignments are also facilitating several leadership styles to ensure high work productivity.