What Tips To Consider When Choosing Trade Show Table Covers

If you want table cover to stand out among the rest in the trade show, you have to give it a unique touch. You have to theme properly so that it matches the table cover. When planning to use table covers in an advertising booth, you have to select the table cover carefully. In addition, there are other important considerations to make when choosing the table cover. Never make the mistake of opting for a dull color or black color. Also, try to avoid using white color as these are common ones. The table cover should go on its display. This way, you can highlight the company products clearly.

Make The Right Size Choice Of The Table Cover

The table covers are 6 feet and 8 feet in width. Some come with a back panel which is known as full style and the ones without panel are known as economy style. Usually, table covers are 28" tall or 30" tall, but you can also get customized sizes according to your needs.

Other than this, you can get table runners that are which comes in 30" or 48" width in different colors. Printing a narrow runner cloth is expensive. For the ones with a tight budget, these narrow runners are the suitable option. But a larger one gives enough space to showcase the company logo along with any vital message that you want to reach to the target customers.

How Are Fabric Choices Important?

Fabric choices play an important role as polyester fabric is beneficial. These are quality ones on which the printing looks prominent.These polyester ones come to have a smooth finish, and these are lightweight ones. Even the durability and characteristics of the table cloth are reasons enough to choose this over others.

Other than polyester item, snug material is also available, which are stretchable, and these are known as Ultra Fit. Here, the images and graphics come on a stretchy kind of fabric and this nature of the fabric will automatically sit tightly on the top of the table.

Choose The Printing Properly

The unprinted covers come in solid colors. These are less expensive and suitable for the ones running on tight budgets. Also, for a clean and straightforward view of the cloth, the unprinted ones are the suitable one on which customized ideas will be a great combination. Therefore, whether you wish to get screen printed table covers, logo imprints, applique prints, full dye-sub table throw, you should choose a quality one.

Try to get in touch with an experienced printing company. By choosing the right print and fabric, you can expect a good quality printed cover that would work the best for you.