Which Birthday Flowers Are The Right Ones For Someone Special

I love you means a lot to the special person in your life. But flowers are also one of the best gifts you can give to whom you love.

We have a list of some romantic flowers which you can give to your loved ones. Don’t take my words seriously also try them and your loved ones will surely admire your choice.

Red Roses

Roses are always famous for love and romance so you can give them to special ones. These roses are the way to show your special ones your everlasting love and deep feelings for them.

You can send flowers to Karachi for your loved ones on special occasions such as birthday, wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day, and on other occasions of your loved ones. You can give red rose when you are going to purpose your loved one and trust me you will never get the answer is ‘No.’

Add a special message for your loved one that will more than enough to make them happy.


Tulips always come in a large variety of colors. Colors of tulips are pink, white, yellow, purple, red, and bulb plants. Tulips stay good for 3-5 days, and these flowers are representing spring season.

You can give this flower to your loved ones because tulips represent love. If your special one is angry, you can give white tulip for the apology and red tulip for love and romance. You can give tulips to your loved one when you are in a new relationship.

You can also add the message of meeting again or something which make the relationship stronger. You can also give tulips on the anniversary or the birthday.

Pastel Carnation

These flowers are especially for those who are not outspoken in the relationship. These flowers are the brighter one and have a great impact on your special one. These flowers are the symbol of pure love. Carnation is the flower of January so you can only gift them in this month.

If your loved one has the birthday this month, this can be the perfect match. Add a special birthday related message.


Lilac comes in one shade, and that is light violet. You can give them at the start of the love so try to give it at the start of the relationship. This can be one of the perfect matches for your loved one add a special birthday message also.

You will have a strong bond with your loved one when you give these flowers to them.


Camellia is a symbol of a strong relationship, and it shows the celebration of many years together relationships. Meaning of this flower is Lovingness, faithfulness, and longevity of the relationship.

Camellia is native to China and Japan and famous for centuries there. You can go for both red and pink colors on the birthday of your special one.

Add a lovely, and a special message with the flower to make it special.