Why A Skull Bracelet Is The New Age Accessory

Lately, almost everything in fashion comes with the symbolism of the skull. From clothes to accessories, skull image could be found everywhere. And since the rise in old culture and uses of skull rings, bracelets and apparels by celebrities, the popularity of the skull have increased considerably. But for the ones little known it is not something meaningless that rebellions like to own. Instead, the image of the skull has a lot of significance and mythology associated with it. It is decades old philosophy and symbolises death and shortness of human life. Even history informs about the ancient people who used to wear skull jewellery.

History Of Using The Skull

Egyptians and Aztecs were among the first group in the prehistoric civilizations to use the skull as a representation of death and rebirth. The first ever witness of the skull was in the tomb of King Tutankhamun Egypt. During this era, the portrayal of death was a lot different than the depiction of death now.The cycle of life and afterlife was treated with the equal respect and admiration as they addressed the deities that controlled them.

The Various Reasons Why People Use It Nowadays

  • Representation Of Death-everybody knows that the skull is a representation of death. This philosophy has been prevailing, in all the cultures since the inception of the human race. Wearing a skull bracelet or a ring may reflect how people perceive their life and death.
  • Afterlife And Mortality-in the early painting of ‘memento mori’ the portrayal of the skull is nothing more than a depiction of death and mortality. It meant that death is inevitable. People believing in this thought are often witnessed wearing skull clothing and accessories.
  • A Symbol For A Rebel- these skull accessories is also worn by people who believe that the symbolism of the skull is a reflection of the strength and that are appropriate for insurgents.
  • Reminders Of Human Life- Skull Accessories Are also a reminder that the life of a human is like a drop of water in a leaf. So the time one has is limited and therefore should make the most out of it.
  • Looks Attractive-there are also a considerable number of people who wear skull bracelet and other skull jewellery because they look beautiful without having much knowledge about their history or for that matter the symbolism.

Hence to keep alive the legacy of using skull jewellery, lots of young and aged people have the fascination to own such ornaments. Also as mentioned people who do not know much about the philosophical aspect of the skull are also spotted wearing skull bracelets, rings and clothes as this kind of ornaments iconic and look eye-catching.