Why Do Companies Favor Hungary For Their Distribution Centers

Hungary is a country that reminds one of many things. Those who have an interest in sports will know Puskas, the great footballer of Hungary. It is an open economy with a specific emphasis FDI. Alliances with prospective investors are a countrywide priority. The government pays special attention to the requirements of corporations that have already established themselves in the country. It is also trying to improve the business environment of the country further. The government has taken several steps to that end.One of the industries that the Government of Hungary focuses on the most is the freight forwarding industry.

Companies Worldwide Choose Hungary As A Distribution Center For Several Reasons

  • There are straight flights to 129 places starting at the Budapest Airport
  • The nation has Customized logistics solutions offered by several leading international logistics service providers
  • The country stands at the top in terms of the span of motorways in CEE
  • The country is placed at the heart of Europe and offers easy access to Western as well as Eastern European nations.
  • It has premier warehousing centers that fulfill the distinctive storage and handling requirements of biotech products and perishable, pharmaceuticals

The Ideal Location Of Hungary As A Distribution Center For Companies

Hungary is placed such that the big consumer marketplace of the European Union has easy access to it. More than a few prime European ports are located close to it. It is the same for the rapidly developing marketplaces of the CIS states, the Balkans, & Turkey. Quite a few leading European Brands rely on logistics for better service. Several of them have Chosen Hungary as their distribution center for their products in European countries.

The Nation’s Developed Road Infrastructure Is A Distinct Advantage

In Hungary international freight forwarding (in Hungarian language: nemzetközi szállítmányozás) is one of the most important sectors. It is the country highly developed transport infrastructure and a proven record in logistics that companies choose it. The companies benefit from the nation’s very high competence and added value in these sectors. They have been able to improve their services dramatically. The country has amongst the most motorway densities across Europe. Just Belgium and Holland better its road density. A drive of some hours starting from Budapest will get you to six European capitals.

The Excellent Railway Network Of Hungary Is A Huge Advantage

Hungary is directly connected to all of the crucial harbors and terminals of Europe. Quite a few train lines join Hungary to the key ports in Western Europe, the Adriatic, the Mediterranean, and the Black Sea. Regular block trains run on these lines. The Hungarian border metropolitan of Záhony has a significant part in East-West rail transportation. The transfer from here to China takes some 19 to 22 days.