Why Do People Opt For Surrogacy Nowadays

People who face problem in conceiving opt for surrogacy. The other name of surrogacy is in vitro fertilization. In this process, the egg of the mother and the sperm of the father are fertilized artificially outside the biological body. Later the embryo is planted in the surrogate’s womb. The surrogate then carries the baby until the birth of the baby. There are different types of surrogacy found and they are completely safe. Nowadays, doctors are encouraging the couples to go for surrogacy. It is a safe way to have baby and there are lot of advantages as well.

Advantages Of Surrogacy

•The primary advantage of surrogacy is that you can have your own baby. The baby you will have through surrogacy will be biologically yours and it will be carrying your genes.

•When a couple opts for surrogacy then there will be legal protection; therefore, opting for the process is completely safe.

•Because of this medical invention the childless couples are getting the opportunity to become parents.

•Surrogacy creates a special bond among the baby, the biological parents and the surrogate mother.

•Apart from that, people who want to become single mother or single father, they can opt for surrogacy. Not only that, surrogacy helps the people from LGBT community to become parent.

•When it comes to surrogacy it has lesser restriction than the adoption process.

Benefits Of The Surrogates

Surrogacy has its own benefits on the biological parent as well as on the surrogate mother. The surrogate gets a lot of money for carrying a baby and this helps the surrogate mother to overcome the economic problem. The surrogate mother gets proper nutrition, and necessary medication during the time of the pregnancy. Sometimes surrogates stay with other surrogates in a hostel and share a blissful pregnancy period.

Things To Consider

In order to opt for surrogacy everyone needs to visit a clinic. To find a reliable clinic you need to consult with your doctor. The doctor will help you to go through the proper scientific process. There are number of clinics in the city you need to do a little research besides taking advice from the doctor. You can ask for your friend’s suggestion when you are looking for a surrogacy centre in guwahati. Surrogacy is now cheap and this is the reason you need to find a clinic that will help you in every way.

Lastly, it is evident that surrogacy is not only important but also advantageous. You can opt for the process without having any fear. It is the charisma of the medical science that enables the people to get the taste of parenthood.