Why Is Spotify Gaining So Much Attention Lately

Spotify has been reaching the heights in the music streaming industry lately, and it is for all the right reasons. It is a free service that allows the user to stream music on the internet for free. It has a vast library and lets you play unlimited tracks, with the occasional showcase of an advert. The adverts are not very obtrusive and do not ruin your mood while listening to songs. Nevertheless, you can always get a monthly membership and get rid of adverts on the whole. For those who have not yet come across this platform, further reading this article can help you understand what the hype is all about.

What Are Some Features Of Spotify?

One of the main features of Spotify is that it lets you create and edit your own playlists. The same thing can be done on iTunes, but unlike Spotify, there you would have to buy the actual music. In addition to that, a new feature was introduced with which Spotify lets you save your favorite tracks offline. This feature comes in handy when you are away from any internet access. You can do this on your phone as well. Some of the other fantastic features are further mentioned below:

1.Voice Navigation:

There are many situations in which your hands can be busy, and you want to change that song. This amazing feature from Spotify lets you talk to your phone’s app and let you play a song. Not only that, but you can also search for the artist, album and even the playlist. It is one of the fastest ways to get your music.

2.Save Your Shazams To A Playlist

Shazam is a heavily used app nowadays. It helps you know about the music that is new to you. Unlike other platforms, Spotify lets you connect your Shazam playlist. This means that you can enjoy the new songs as a playlist directly on the app. Many other such music-recognizing apps like soundhound can also be connected to Spotify.

3.Provides Extra Information

Along with these amazing features, it also provides the cover art, artist, and album information with a list of recommended artists based on your listening history, which makes discovering new music a breeze. For example, if you are listening to Bknox¸ Spotify will further recommend other artists who have a similar music genre.

Several of these amazing features can be very effective in making your music listening habit into an easy task. Spotify has been changing the music streaming industry for a long time now and has been very successful at it.It is sure to enhance and better your music listening experience.