Why is Wales recently gaining popularity as a tourist spot?

Wales has been a tourist destination for several decades, for its versatility of landscape. The geographic makeup of wales is very versatile, ranging from mountainous regions in the north and central areas to several parks located in the south. It has a tricky location which makes it a part of both the United Kingdom and the island of Great Britain. What makes it, even more, loved as a tourist destination is its climate. It enjoys a maritime climate which makes it a pleasant visit all-round the year.

Wales has emerged as one of the most loved tourist destinations with an annual turnover of 4.8 billion pounds. Wales has a variety of attractions like shopping and hiking in the mountains, and the scenic beauty only adds to the fantastic experience. The capital of Wales, Cardiff is considered to be one of the most popular and visited areas, with approximately 14.6 million visitors in the year 2009.

Things to do in Wales for adventure lovers

There are various things to do for an adrenaline junkie in wales. To start with, Wales has three national parks, namely, the Brecon Beacons, the Snowdonia, and the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. Not only are these parks visually stunning but also host some of the most popular activities in wales, including mountain biking, kayaking, and climbing. These activities often leave tourists with adrenaline levels flying through them. However, this is not where all the adventure ends for the tourist. Wales is also gaining popularity for ‘extreme' sports such as hand gliding, downhill cycling, and surfing. Apart from the immense beauty, the geographic makeup of wales allows, it also promotes the safe implementation of such tourist activities. The World Rally Championship is another huge event which has been complemented by the terrain of wales. Millennium Stadium was the first indoor stadium to host the first WRC stage indoors in 2005, attracting people interested in the event.

What are some other reasons for Wales' new known popularity?

After an adventure weekendof kayaking and surfing, the tourist can go into the city to discover and explore Wales’ immense depth of history and culture, which is also known attracts tourist from all over the world. The Museum of Welsh Life as of now is the most popular tourist spots in Wales. Several other places of historical interest attract large numbers of tourists. Most of Wales’ historical attractions were built to consolidate the English conquest of Wales, during the reign of English king Edward I.

Why visit Wales?

Consisting of more than 400 castles and fortifications, stunning scenery, and several breathtaking adventure sports, Wales provides the tourist with an abundance of attractions. It makes for an enjoyable visit for someone looking for a weekend filled with good vibes and a lot of fun. Considering it is one of the smallest of Britain’s component countries, it sure does have a lot to offer. Wales is a must visit for anyone looking for a fun and enticing weekend getaway.