General info

Austin, TX

With 26 years experience in computer game development and Enterprise VR\AR solutions, I specialize in team management, outsource management, process and pipelines, the nuts and bolts of creating 3D art and VFX.  Most recently for the past 3 years I've developed multiple virtual reality and augmented reality solutions in entertainment and enterprise.  I excel at being part of a team and helping to drive that team to success. I believe in working hard and smart. I thrive on problem solving and reaching a successful end-goal.

I have experience in PC, 360 & PS3, Wii development, Vive, Oculus, ARkit, ARCore, training, team management and outsource management.

Proficiencies include: Maya, 3DS Max, Zbrush, Photoshop, Substance, Perforce, Github\Sourcetree, Crazybump, Ndo2, Hansoft, Xnormal, Unity, UE4

Some Shipped titles include:
Ultima 8
Ultima Online
Spongebob Squarepants: Revenge of the Flying Dutchman
Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa
Disney Epic Mickey
Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

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Starr Long --

Bernadette LaCarte --


  • 3D artist\XR specialist
    Austin, TX
    Jan 2015 - Present

    Fjord XR team, built from ground up and expanded. Client projects, solutions, POC's, SXSW innovations.

  • 3D Artist, Virtual Reality specialist
    Austin, TX
    Apr 2013 - Jan 2015
    Chaotic Moon Studios

    · Responsible for all things 3D and VFX studio-wide including game engine VR and AR\MR projects, modeling for 3D printing, product visualizations, game-engine-based data visualizations for fortune 500 companies, complimentary 3D assets and renderings for motion graphic videos and projections.  Recent focus exclusively on virtual reality and augmented\mixed reality client projects.  

  • Pricipal Artist: Environtments Senior Artist: Environments
    Austin, TX
    Mar 2009 - Mar 2013
    Disney Interactive\Junction Point Studios

    Epic Mickey 2
    · Created prototype environment level to prove process and pipeline strategy during pre-production for Epic Mickey 2 including complex texture blending and UV strategies, new toon and inert guidelines, and level layout guidelines
    · Managed between 9 and 20 artists with the environment lead which included mentoring, training, scheduling and problem solving directly with tech art
    · Developed and taught training program for outsourcing vendors
    · Developed and taught in-studio training class for intro to Maya to further the skill sets of our designers and concept artists
    · Created extensive reference documentation for in house environment team and future vendors. This included videos and intranet pages on specific techniques, in-house tools, and pipeline specific issues
    · Worked closely throughout the project with Technical Art leads to develop needs for the environment team and implement them into the environment pipeline
    · Managed feedback and integration process for all outsourced environment assets including providing most of the feedback, reviews and approvals
    Epic Mickey
    · Created level layouts working closely with Design
    · Created environment art for several levels as an "owner"
    · Polished outsourced art

  • Senior Environment Artist, Tabula Rasa MMORPG
    Austin, TX
    Jun 2002 - Nov 2008

    · Developed and created modular art set pipeline
    · Created archetypical environment art to define modular sets for outsourcing
    · Managed environment art outsourcing
    · Responsible for all "usables' in the game; objects that could be destroyed, used, changed, etc. This included asset creation, animation and VFX, as well as all audio and state hookups in a proprietary editor

  • Artist
    Austin, TX
    Apr 1998 - May 2001

    · Created environment assets and props for a 3D isometric squad-based tactical game
    · Created character models and textures
    · Created extensive texture reference library

  • Artist
    Austin, TX
    Aug 1997 - Apr 1998

    · Created and rendered environment assets and props for a sprite-based super hero game
    · Created and rendered cinematic sequences
    · Created and rendered VFX and animated super hero abilities
    · Animation and VFX for environment assets

  • Artist
    Austin, TX
    Jun 1993 - Jul 1997
    Electronic Arts\Origin Systems

    · Created environment assets for Ultima 8
    · Created character models for Ultima 9
    · Created and animated cinematic sequences for Ultima 9
    · Created most of the wearables, hair, weapons and armor sets and the Lich for Ultima Online