Delft, Holland

Joram Oudenaarde is a graphic designer and DTP'er based in Rotterdam, Holland. His work often involves creating press-ready files and giving minor techsupport at his daily job, and designing various things during his freelance hours.

He enjoys working for different media ranging from packaging to print and webdesign, and has worked for various clients such as Vacu Vin and Baronie for his daily jobs, and BeBook, Annie O’Neill and Stylz on a freelance basis.

He is always interested in a freelance challenge, so feel free to contact him for any request and/or question.


  • Designer, creative DTP'er
    Sep 2000 - Present
    My work outside of the daily jobs I've had consists of doing a wide range of designwork for various clients. Things I've worked on: branding, logo's, websites and packaging.

    Always at night but always with great passion, I always try to find new challenges in my work.
  • Creative DTP'er
    Rotterdam, Holland
    Jun 2004 - Dec 2008
    Bataafsche Teeken Maatschappij
    A creative studio creating a complete branding for various companies. My primary role was providing support in various departments ranging from minor creative responsibilities, to creating DTP-work and some technical support.
  • Creative DTP'er
    Rotterdam, Holland
    Jan 2009 - Present
    A creative studio primarily focussed on designing packaging, I work as a creative DTP'er with a primary focus being the middleman between the designers and the lithographers. Assisting the designers in various ways (adjusting the designs to their wishes, providing technical support) and creating DTP-work.


  • College degree in 'Grafisch Vormgeven'
    Rotterdam, Holland
    Sep 1991 - Jul 1995
    Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam
  • Bachelor's degree in 'Grafisch Vormgeven'
    Rotterdam, Holland
    Sep 1995 - Jul 2000
    Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam
  • Certificate available
    Apr 2010 - Jun 2010
    To develope myself in a brother aspect, I did an evening course for Interactive Design at MediaCollege in Rotterdam. Finished with flying colours, I plan on doing a followup course in 2011 to specialize a bit more in the webdesign-field.