Sr. Mgr. at The Walt Disney Company, Celebrity Multimedia, SAG/AFTRA Actress
General info
Sr. Mgr. at The Walt Disney Company, Celebrity Multimedia, SAG/AFTRA Actress
New York
Video/Motion Graphics Editor at Disney ABC Television Group; Celebrity Multimedia Producer; SAG-AFTRA Talent.  
New York, NY
Sep 2012 - Present
Senior Manager, Video and Animation
Develop and produce video and motion graphics content for the sales and marketing teams for presentations to advertisers.
New York, NY
May 2012 - Sep 2012
After Effects Editor
* Broadcast video editor of "The Real World Challenge" package
* Animate show titles and bumpers for "Hip Hop Squares," the "VMA" tosses and "Need2Know" slates
* Select songs for video packages

HIGHLIGHT: My animation was selected as the out bumper for broadcast slates
New York, NY
Apr 2012 - Apr 2012
Motion Graphics Designer
* Graphics for the "106 & Park" smartphone app
New York, NY
Aug 2011 - Mar 2012
Motion Graphics Designer/Video Editor
* Long form video editing of corporate interviews
* Motion graphics for business presentations
* Video production using the Sony EX3, light kits and Canon 5D Mark II

STAFFING AGENCY: Hire Investment

HIGHLIGHT: Reuters Year in News 2011

" On her news edit, Peter Bale of CNN wrote “Powerful Reuters showcase of #news from 2011 opens #nx11. Reminds why we try to do this stuff.”

New York, NY
Aug 2011 - Aug 2011
Animator (Freelance)
* Animator of animatics and cinematics
New York, NY
Apr 2011 - Aug 2011
Video Editor
* Video editor of product testimonial interviews

New York, NY
Aug 2010 - Apr 2011
Video Editor, Motion Graphics Artist
* Video editing and motion graphics

HIGHLIGHT: Editor of Nikon's "Behind the Scenes" videos starring Ashton Kutcher
RESULT: 3x expected views on
New York, NY
Feb 2008 - Jul 2010
Video Editor, Motion Graphics Artist
* Motion graphics and video editing for digital platforms

HIGHLIGHT: Editor of "Dove Go Fresh" videos featuring Alicia Keys
RESULT: Effie Award winner
New York, NY
Jan 2004 - Oct 2007
Production Assistant, Video Editor, Online Producer
* Online Producer/Editor of "Run’s House," "Yo Mama" and other hit MTV reality shows

* My videos for "Making The Band 4" generated 269,000 unique page views for

* Producing Editor of several "Life After MADE" episodes

* Creative Writing for episodic recaps, digital content captions and on-air promotional tosses

* Production Assistant for "My Super Sweet 16," "MADE," "Making the Band," "Pimp My Ride," etc.
New York, NY
Jan 1995 - Jan 2004
Television Commercials:

2012 - Nissan | Vocal Performer

1987 - McDonald's | Featured Extra

Radio Commercials:
Wendy’s, Pepsi Storm, Coca-Cola, Teen People and Clinique | Vocal Performer


1991 - American Cancer Society | Lead

Spike Lee
1999 Bamboozled | Extra

New York, NY
Jan 1996 - Jan 1998
Videotape Operator
* Broadcast TV studio crew for live news, celebrity interviews and events

Proficient With
* Final Cut Pro
* After Effects
* Photoshop
* Mac OS
Familiar With
* Cinema 4D
* Illustrator
New York, NY
Mar 2005 - May 2009
Master of Arts
Media Studies (GPA 3.83)

* Social Networking
* Media Design
* Research Methods
* Visual Storytelling
* Photography and Social Change
New York, NY
Jan 2000 - Sep 2003
Bachelor of Science
Multimedia Production (Honors Scholar)

* Multimedia Production
* Motion Graphics
* Maya
* Graphic Design
* Typography
* Web Development
Dallas, TX
Associate of Performing Arts
Acting, theater, voice and dance training.
Career Highlights
Reuters News in Review 2011
Client: "Lilian’s creativity, promptness and appreciation that we needed to make last moment changes were truly commendable."

- Peter Bale (CNN, on his Twitter post) – “Powerful Reuters showcase of news from 2011. Reminds why we try to do this stuff.”

- Muhammad Ghafari (Front Page producer Yahoo) – “That's a really well-done video report that I wanted to keep and re-watch many times”
"These are strong results.  3X expectations.
While it's not possible evaluate video performance with raw views—since views depend on volume of visitors and number of videos on the site—the views thus far exceed the expected volume based on a "general expectation" of 5-7% video views per visit.  The 44k total video views from the 133k visitors translates into 34% video view rate…~3X expectation."

Adam Donnelley 
EVP, Executive Account Director   
Named one of the Effie Award winners for my contribution to the Dove Go Fresh ad campaign at Ogilvy & Mather.

"Ogilvy won 5 Effies for work on Dove, Fage, IBM, Kodak, and SAP. Ok great.

But did you realize that ALL 5 winners have digital components produced out of NY? This awarding winning work was done by US and that's really exciting!

Especially because the Effies judge work not only for the creative idea, but how well the idea was produced and how well it performed.

Ideas that work and drive results for our clients. That's cool.

So congratulations to....

Dove Go Fresh

Preeti Shah
Brian Fernandez

Wilmer Abreu
Who-in Lee
Lillian Young
Josh Race"
"The MTB4 main page, which was the second most popular page on Tuesday, earned 269K unique users alone. In regards to clips, "Cheesecake" [the clip edited by me and featured on my reel] is the #2 show clip so far for the week. They are doing well in the respect that there is very little drop off from clip to clip... Showing that users are staying around to watch more than one clip."

Margot Matthews
Senior Analyst
MTV Digital Research
Joined the AFTRA Actor's Union after doing several professional commercials as a jingle talent. The union merged but I qualified for SAG after a TV ad.

* Vocal performer in a Nissan television commercial (2012)
* Coca-Cola
* Wendy's
* Este Lauder
* Sprite
* Teen People Magazine feat. Sisqo
Performing Arts Bio
Before I was a multimedia artist, I was a performing artist. From childhood plays at church, acting workshops and later a performing arts high school and acting college.

Inspired by Will Smith's success as an artist turned actor, I re-directed my talents to music. A (clean) rap artist, I performed at The Apollo, worked with Freedom Williams of C&C Music Factory, Ice Cube's Da Lench Mob, nearly signed with Tommy Boy and later L.L. Cool J. However, I found greater success doing rap jingles.

Through award-winning Sound Designer, Wendell Hanes (, I was able to land radio jingles with Coca-Cola, Pepsi (Storm), Teen People Magazine with singer Sisqo, Wendy's and Este Lauder.

I've retired my rap career, but continue recording commercials.