Seattle, Washington, USA

With over 20 years of experience and expertise working with top video game studios, Mark Linington has proven that he has the skills to work among the most talented artists in the gaming industry. He gained these skills by learning from talented artists and designers while working on some of the most innovative AAA games today. His experience spans over 20 games, all through full production cycles. His work has covered cinematic lighting, to high resolution modeling, in game modeling, texturing, in game lighting, shader creation, animation, scripted events coordination and much much more. Mark is a creative, open-minded, pragmatic, professional, dedicated and flexible, he is always eager to improve on his skills and learn. As a developer and manager he strives to uphold these ideals. His goal is to work on challenging titles with more world class developers.

Selected work

Halo 5

Misc Artwork - Prototypes

Mass Effect 3

Mass effect 2

LOST Via Domus - Ubisoft montreal ( xbox 360 )

Prince Of Persia - The Two Thrones ( Cinematic character lighting.) ( PS2, gamecube, xbox)

Far Cry Series Xbox - Ubisoft montreal. 2001 ( xbox )