Matt Rodgers


General info
Los Angeles,CA
Cinematographer with experience shooting Commercial / Narrative / Fashion & Beauty / Music Video and more.
IATSE Local 600 Member.

ALEXA MINI LF 4.5K Camera Kit
 1x Alexa Mini LF 4.5K Body
4x 1tb Codex Cards
2x Codex USB-C reader + cable
 1x Arri Cage/baseplate/rails for 19mm / 15mm LWS
2x Arri Map-1 plates (for movi/ronin mounting)
1x Arri EVF-2 w/ Bracket and Cables 
1x Arri Vmount DistroBox w/ Accessory ports
8x IDX 146wh Vmount Bricks
4x IDX 93wh Vmount Bricks
1x IDX 4channel Charger
1x Odyssey 7q+ 7.7" Onboard monitor w/ Vmount plate and Ptap
1x Arri MMB1 2stage Mattebox w/ Swingaway adapter
1x Arri MFF1 Single Side 15mm Follow Focus
Jan - Present
Commercials / Promos
Pfizer "Workplace Safety" Film.
Director: Osato Dixon
Production Co: Famaash
Agency: McKinsey & Company

MotherHood Maternity - Branded Film
Director: Kate Rhamey
Production Co: KRSquared Productions

We Stand Together - PSA
Director Helen Alexis Yonov
2021 Silver Telly Award - Promotional Video / PSA

Live From E! Oscars 2020 Promo
Director: Haley Geffen
Prod. Co : Coed Studios
Client: E-Entertainment

Aura Soma Fragrance - Go With The Flow
Director - Alexis Yonov

Paramount Pictures BAYWATCH "DOGS OF BAYWATCH" Promo
Director - Jordan Haro
Agency - BlkBx Creative
Prod. Co - The Sessions

L'Officiel NL + Hugo Boss "Love Letter to LA" Fashion Promo
Director - Andrew Kuykendall

HaloTop Creamery "Rotation"
Director - Marc Kharrat
Prod. Co / Agency - FoodBeast
Client: HaloTop Creamery

Exxon Mobil "Lights Across America" (Aerial DP)
Director - Douglas Avery
Prod. Co - Furlined
Client: Exxon Mobil

Toyota & Houston Rockets "Clutch & McHale"
Director - Tracy Helms
Prod. Co - Unleaded Studios
Agency - MMB580

Nation LTD Christmas Campaign
Director - Pieter Viljoen
Prod. Co / Agency - Umbrella Los Angeles

TIDE "Battles" (Spec)
Director - Sean Penberthy
Prod. Co - Metronome Pictures

Hewlard Packard "Data Pass"
Director - Andrew Herwitz
Prod. Co - Onema Pictures

Universal Studios "Transformers"
Director - Tracy Helms
Prod. Co - Unleaded Studios
Agency - MMB580

Tillamook Cheese
Director - Chuck Oldfield
Client: TimeWarner Cable

Toyota Venza "Virtual Tour"
Director - Chuck Oldfield
Client: TimeWarner Cable
Benny Benassi "Lonely Nights" Feat. Lil Yachty
Directed By Robby Starbuck
Label: Ultra Music
Prod. Co - RSM

Young Bleu "Elevators"
Directed by Robby Starbuck
Label: Columbia Records
Prod. Co - RSM

Tenille Arts "Tears" / Reviver Records
Directed by Robby Starbuck
Prod. Co RSM

Tenille Arts "Call You Names" / Reviver Records
Directed By Robby Starbuck
Prod. Co RSM

Black Veil Brides "Wake Up" / Universal Music
Directed by Robby Starbuck

Jason Zhang "Torches" Music Video for Transformers: The Last Knight
Directed by Robby Starbuck

MakJ & Max Skyler "Knock Me Down"
Directed by Robby Starbuck

Jordan Parker "See You Like This"
Directed by Cue The Bird

Ruby & The Reckless Live Session
Directed by CJ Vinson

V-rose "Battery" Feat. Flame
Directed by Kel Mitchell

Wallis Bird "Daze"
Directed by Andrew Herwitz
Exxon Mobile "Why Energy" - Directed by Tracy Helms

Discover Card "Fraud Prevention" - Directed by Tracy Helms

Discover Card "What's Different" - Directed by Tracy Helms
Kart Dad's TV Show
Pickup Scenes (Interviews, broll and OTF'S)
Discover+ Network
Director : Matt Weber
Production Company : Lucky8Tv

The Gesture and The Word (short film 20min)
Director: Alexis Yonov
Prod Co : Burden & Light. 
Shooting Specs: ALEX MINI 4:3 / Cooke Anamorphic
AWARDS: Winner Best Female Director Montreal Short Film Festival
"Camping" Short Film - Directed by Derek Quick
Red Gemini / 2:40:1 spherical

 12 Strong ( *Aerial DP Drone Unit)
Dir. Nicolai Fuglsig
Prod. Co - Lionsgate/Bruckheimer Films

 "Lost Vegas" L'Officiel Campaign Film - Directed by Andrew Kuykendall

 "Selfishly Selfie" Short Fashion Film - Directed by Jonathan Lennard

 Comedy Central Deshawn Raw Pilot - Directed By JP - Executive Producer Chris Rock

 "Crimson" Short Fashion Film - Dir. Jonathan Lennard

 "Said Any Boyfriend Ever" Fashion Film - Directed by Jonathan Lennard

 "Gwendor" Short Film - Directed by David Crabtree

 "Pull Down the Moon" short film - Directed by Casey Nelson
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