Megan ORorke

  • Location

    San Francisco, CA

  • Experience

    Mid Level, 4 yrs

  • Availability

    Full Time & Freelance

  • Resume


I’m a data product professional. My passion is learning new skills to deliver products that help others save time, money, and live happier lives. I work at the intersection of human behavior and technology, specifically incorporating data science and customer insights into products.

Most recently, I made a meal planner that reduces physical and cognitive labor of cooking. I used distance and co-occurrence of ingredients across 1 million recipes to generate dinner plans sharing ingredients, and help cooks avoid single item trips.

Prior to that I helped the e-commerce team hit record profits on the Sony e-commerce site I have experience designing networks, e-commerce websites and mobile iOS apps for academia, enterprise and SF start ups.

Secondary Specialties

Web Designer, Web Developer, Creative Director