Talks & press

  1. Open Mobile Summit, San Francisco, November 28 2018
  2. AGI Open Mexico,September 29, 2018
  3. Mobile World Congress Americas, Los Angeles, September 14, 2018`
  4. Kinnernet Venice, August 2-4, 2018
  5. Memorias del Futuro- San Jose Costa Rica, April, 2018
  6. SXSW 2018, A Conversational Future: Making Technology Adapt to Us. Austin, March, 2018
  7. Spark Lab New Zealand, August 12, 2017- (video)
  8. SEMIPERMANENT. Auckland, August 11, Future of future panel
  9. Tech Open Air. Berlin, July, 2017– Technology adapting to us (video)
  10. Adobe/Behance Portfolio review. San Francisco, May 10, 2017– Livestream
  11. ING Creatives. Dubai, April 14,2017– Conversation in Design
  12. SXSW. Austin, March 12,2017–The future of conversational UIs
  13. SEMIPERMANENT. Sydney, 26/5/2016–How people figure things out, an inspiration for technology
  14. Portland Design Week ZIBA, Portland, 14/8/2015– From the fringe to the everyday: realizing the future through design
  15. Listening Machines, NYC. 11/6/2015– Interacting with listening machines
  1. GQ Italia – Il rapporto con la tecnologia? Per Google deve essere più umano
  2. La Stampa Italia – Il futuro secondo Google: sarà la tecnologia ad adattarsi all’uomo, non viceversa
  3. La Nacion Costa Rica – Talento latino lidera mejoramiento de asistente de Google y sus dispositivos
  4. 99U Adobe- Hector Ouilhet: Making Technology Human
  5. Blue Notes ANZ New Zealand – Soundbytes: the future of communication
  6. Handelsblatt Germany – Die hilflosen Assistenten
  7. Business Insider – The Google exec in charge of designing Search: 'There's always this internal debate about how much functionality should we add'
  8. TNW Answers – Hector Ouilhet session
  9. Project Next” SXSW 17–SXSW documentary 19 Top innovators, 23 minutes
  10. Forbes– Este mexicano diseña el futuro de Google
  11. Fast Co– How A Designer's 3-Year-Old Daughter Is Humanizing Google
  12. Fast Co– 32 Productivity Tips From The World's Top Designers
  13. Wired– How design is shaping the future at tech giants like Facebook
  14. Wired- Google’s new chatbot won’t shut up and that’s a good thing
  15. Google Blog post– Google Sky Map- now with time travel