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VLADIMIR CHEREPANOFF is a man of many talents. A long history of varied roles have all combined to make him a highly desirable man of creative input. Straight after year 10 in 1984 Vladimir studied Life Drawing with Steven Gordon at the Paddington Art School as preparation for his Graphic Design course at Randwick T.A.F.E. During this period he also became the first Australian Graffiti artist to be commissioned to paint his own work - art not vandalism. He went on to present an exhibition at the Sydney Town Hall which was unheard of in those days.

During the second half of his college years Vladimir landed a designer roll at Claude Neon. His saw this position as a great opportunity to submerge himself in the newly emerging computer added design environment. He excelled in this roll and after working at Claude for 6 months, he became the Junior Art Director of the design studio.

Always one step ahead, he formed his own Hip Hop Band in 1989 when the rest of the country rocked to ‘working class man.’ Shortly after in 1990 he worked with Marky Mark’s and Donny Walburge after a chance encounter, which eventuated with the group being the first Australian Hip Hop band to be signed by Sony Music.

With a further desire to expand his artistic talent, Vladimir when back to graphic design when he disbanded the group in 1993. Vladimir had left Sydney followed the artist Boris Koslov to China to study Landscape and composition. When Vladimir returned to Australia in 1995 he worked as a Art director for Image Craft Advertising; working in print media, B.T.L. and on various television commercials. Continuing to move on, he became the Creative Director for the newly emerging Royal Elastics in the late nineties. This was his evolution from graphic design to industrial design. In this roll he successfully developed and launched a youth footwear brand internationally. From working directly with the Footwear factories in China he learned the total process of design to development of consumer products. In 2002 Royal Elastics was sold to the American Footwear giant K-Swiss. He was then offered the roll of Head of Design which he turned down due to another offer by General Pant to head and start their own in-house design studio. In this roll Vladimir developed numerous Men’s/Women brands, Advertising Campaigns and retail store concepts. After 12 months of working with G.P. Vladimir was approached by King Gee to design and develop a sub-brand ‘Red Label’. Although the Red Label was launch within the industry due to corporate reshuffle the brand never made it to the retailers. But the designs which he completed is now incorporated into the King Gee Brand.

Towards to end of 2004 Vladimir was once again retained by the original founders of Royal Elastic. This time his job was to create a up-scale tailored men’s sneaker. Within 8 months Vladimir not only delivered the logo, brand guidelines, packaging and finished product, he also successfully launch the FEIT brand in London, NYC and Tokyo with a series of co-branded events with key retailers. For the next 2 years he conceptualized and developed the FEIT core range and retail stores in Sydney and Tokyo.

In 2006 Vladimir created the 3SIX9 design studio with VBM. In this roll he worked on some of the biggest sporting brands in the world. British Opens, Rugby Wold Cup France 2007, V8 Supercars and Centenary of Rugby League. He worked closely with the French Rugby organizers to deliver a world class event graphic program.
After leaving 3SIX9 in 2007 Vladimir freelanced as a senior Art Director with Campaign Place, Saatchi & Saatchi in Sydney. The list of clients include David Jones, 3, Ortori Pearls and many well known household brands. During this freelance period Vladimir was snapped up by Ad Energy. First on a freelance basis then with in 2 months Vladimir was offered the Second in charge of creative for Ad Energy’s Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane offices in 2008. With clients such as Meriton, BHP, Holden and many more...

Vladimir has always been actively involved in the Sydney art scene (1/2 Dozen, CHALKHORSE). With the vision of ‘Making Art More Accessible’ he organized a whole series of artist run initiatives from 2000-2008. From painting to sculpture Vladimir’s artistic output was boundless.

From 2008 till present day Vladimir has held both Art Director and Creative Director rolls in advertising for companies such as CHE, Mr Mumbles, Works Sydney, Brass Tacks, C4, Lunch Partners and is still designing foot wear and home wear to further his learnings in product innovation.

Bridging the fields of graphic, industrial, fashion, art and environmental design, Vladimir possess the unmatched ability to transform concepts into finished products - the all-encompassing creative mind.

Secondary Specialties

Graphic Designer, 3D Artist, Industrial Design