Gabriel Molina

Art Director

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    Washington, D.C. Will Relocate

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    Sr Level, 7 yrs

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    Full Time & Freelance

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Nestled within a valley of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, the heart of the Venezuelan Andes, abides the small city of Merida, Venezuela, "The City of Gentlemen". I was born on December 19th 1986, and I remember absolutely nothing of my childhood within Merida, but the photo albums suggest I had a wonderful time.

At the age of 2 my family moved to the city closest to my heart, Baltimore, Maryland. It was throughout my childhood within Baltimore where I was free to immerse myself into the arts and sciences, enamored by functionality, aesthetics, and the scientific process. This gave me a unique perspective in regards to problem solving. Having been introduced to, and becoming well versed with most mediums of visual expression since the age of 6, It was apparent I would use my natural talents to pay off my student loans in the future, all while demonstrating a keen ability to understand the fundamental principles and elements of art and design.

I attended Full Sail University and graduated salutatorian of my class with a Bachelors in digital art & design. Shortly after graduation, I started C4 Collective, a group of professionals from varied backgrounds and disciplines, with a central focus on creating solid creative based off of a clientele/user centered design process. Over the years of my professional career I have gained a detailed understanding and appreciation for what it takes to align my clientele's business needs with the needs of their consumer demographic, uniting them into an intuitive brand identity and user experience.

I have worked on a range of projects for companies all over the world, from a hi-performance car parts manufacturer in
Australia, to a world renowned American multinational software corporation, and Washington consultancies.

I am currently available for hire. Feel free to contact me regarding your future professional endeavors.

Secondary Specialties

Animation / Motion, Illustrator