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I have been working as a life coach and copywriter for over ten years and love what I do. I truly believe that through these two skills I am able to assist people along their journey of expressing their authentic voice. Having the ability to motivate and inspire people to do their best is critical and I truly enjoy every aspect of it.

It is one thing to motivate someone with a one-time reward and it is completely different thing to give someone better salaries. But those things were implied to be equal here. Why are millions of people leaving their homes and flocking out to the middle east to live in the boiling hot desert if carrots don't motivate? Why do people live on oil rigs in the Baltic north sea or miles underground in the Australian mines....carrots motivate. These motivating factors discussed in the video will work for a narrow band of r&d workers for sure but hey then this ted talk wouldn't appeal to the masses.

Stop trying to lose weight for a extrinsic reward like looking good at the beach. Instead, get lean due to it being a life goal, master the skill of getting lean for life, and help others around you get lean when they ask.

A fascinating topic. I feel that the concept would apply really well to fitness, another major problem of our time.  When you eat well and exercise for an extrinsic reward, losing twenty pounds, getting abs, fitting in a couple sizes smaller, its easy to lose interest, to get discouraged, to stop.  When the reward becomes intrinsic, when you enjoy exercise, and when eating well becomes a habit you prefer to eating like crap, then consistency - and results - come a lot easier.  A pet theory on my part but it makes sense to me. I had come to the same conclusion, one that motivation in the first person will outperform financial incentive. This is why when you are working with a life coach it can make a big difference.